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Lagoons & Waterfall

Author On Fri 18 Oct 19

Natural-water lagoons in the Comunidad Valenciana

If you like nature and everything about it, this is the way to go!

One of the greatest things about this area, is the amazing places you can go with their fresh mountain water. It’s not everybody’s thing, but it is something that can be enjoyed. You can do it all. The water keeps it’s freshness all year around. Most of them you can swim in, or you can just go down for a walk. 

Here are the top ones to visit.


Not only does this offer the rives, it also has beautiful mountain walks and caves to visit.

Sot de Chera

This place also has a lovely picnic area near by, so you don’t have to do far if you get hungry! Pack yourself a lunch and make a day of it.


Tuejar keeps an all year round temperature of 18 degrees. It also has an amazing waterfall that is something that must be seen! It has a picnic area as well.

Las Hoces del Rio Cabriel

Part of it is a little “beach” called “Las Casas del Rio”, where people go and hang out and have a lunch.

Los Charcos de Quesa

It’s a great place to cool you of in summer. It’s formed by 4 different pools. This one is €2 entry, with the reason being they want to protect the surroundings.


This is the best place to go that has no flow in the river. And is also a lovely area to have a hike.


This place has a lovely walk that will take you alongside the water and through all the beautiful surroundings.


Pou Clar is sweet water, and not like salt water from the sea. It’s known for its beautiful turquoise colour.

Cueva Turche

Has a beautiful 60m waterfall, and is a great place to go on a hot sunny day!

Rio Fraile

It’s known to be on of the best places to visit, being one of the most transparent and clean waters around. In summer they charge a price of 4 euros, but apart from the water, it has incredible hiking tracks.


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