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Guadalest Castle

Author Lee On Mon 21 Oct 19

Orduña Municipal Museum

The House was built after the great earthquake of 1644 that devastated the region and ruined the premises of the castle.

It was built by the Orduña Family, a family of Basque origin who had arrived in El Castell de Guadalest as trusted people of the Cardona, Admirals of Aragon. D. Sancho de Cardona received in 1542 the title of Marquis de Guadalest. The Orduña were at the service of the marquises as warden of the fortress and governors of their states.

 The house was burned and sacked during the War of Succession (1708). In 1756, Mr. Pedro Antonio Buenaventura de Orduña y García entered the Military Order of Santiago, thus obtaining access to the noble estate.

C / Church, 2
Opening Hours:
High Season 10h-20h, Medium 10h-20h, Winter 10h to 18: 00h
Noble house with kitchen, dining room, rooms, library, etc. Exposition halls. Access to the castle of San José.

Belén Museum and Dollhouses

Museum attached to a natural rock that houses the artistic work of Antonio Marco, consisting of dollhouses, an ecological nativity scene and antique toys.

C / The virgin, 2
Opening Hours:
Summer 10: 00h-21.00h Winter 10.00h-18.00h
Bethlehem, dollhouses, antique toys

Guadalest Valley Historical Vehicles Collection Museum

Collection composed of about 140 motorcycles and several microcars, in perfect condition and totally original, from the 20s to the 70s It will make the visitor move in time and know what vehicles our elders used.
The museum is located in a room of 500 m2 and its architectural beauty is a room that leaves many visitors surprised. Apart from motorcycles and cars, the museum is decorated with a series of ancient objects such as sewing machines, typewriters, coffee makers, telephones, radios, which makes it a set of pieces of great admiration.

Crta. Callosa-Guadalest Km. 7
965.882.197, 617017799, 677655796.
Opening Hours:
Summer 10.30h-20h, winter 10.30h- 19.30h. Except Saturdays

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