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Calasparra - A quick roundup.

Author Sarah On Mon 21 Oct 19


Calasparra is one of most beautiful places to visit in the Murcia region, being only about an hour away from Pinoso. Its known for its famous santuary "Santuario Virgen de la Esperanza", which people come from all over to visit. Its also well known for it's rice, which is grown all over, it's countryside walks, natural parks and its river that runs through. It still contains most of it's historical buildings, which are very interesting to see. Unlike some towns, this one likes to keep its history running. Its great for a day trip, but definitley recommend at least a couple of days, to make sure you check out everything this town has to offer!

What to do and what to visit in Calasparra

Santuario Virgen de la Esperanza.

Sotos y bosques de Ribera de Canaverosa: The existing habitats of this river bank with a variety of beautiful fauna and flora. Such as elms, brambles, otters, herons and others.

Abrigos de Pozo: Places in the Canyon of Almadenes, housing in its interior pictorial manifestations of schematic style dated to 4300 a.c. They represent human figures, animals and objects loeaded with symbolisms.

Visitors can enter through the old access used by the shepherds in prehistory, currently restored.

There is also a wooden path installed to facilitate the passage of visitors and a suitable walkway for people with disabilities.

Embalse de Argos: The swamp which was built in 1970, has one of the few dams built with loose screen and homogeneous materials. It gave work to many workers in the area.


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