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Theme Parks

Author Sarah On Tue 22 Oct 19


There are so many different theme parks in the region and around, and there is a bit of everything. You have the children's theme parks, which are smaller and cheaper, and you have family theme parks, which of course are dearer but bigger, and you also have the water parks. It's not everybody's favorite thing, but there is normally something for everyone. Here I will talk about the most popular ones near us, and see what you think!

Opening times

I would recommend checking first online their opening days, it changes depending on what time of the year it is!

We'll start with the parks for the smaller ones.

Small theme parks

First off we have Pola Park, located in Santa Pola, about 40 minutes from Pinoso. This is a theme park/fairground for all ages.

Avda. Zaragoza, s/n, 03130 Santa Pola, Alicante

Then we have "El Mundo de los Ninos" which translates as the children's world. Located on the port of Alicante, it has rides and games for all. It has bouncy castles, trampolines, simulator... Nothing big, but nice for the kids if you having a day out in Alicante.

Av. de Loring, s/n, 03001 Alicante

Family Park in Alicante. Rides for children of all ages. They also do trips, birthdays...

Calle Caja de Ahorros, s/n, 03016 Alicante

Festilandia. This fairground/park can be found in Benidorm.

Av. del Mediterráneo, 20, 03503 Benidorm, Alicante


Big theme parks

Now we are going to move on to the bigger theme parks, suitable for all the family.

Terra Mitica. Terra Mitica is a big theme park on the outskirts of Benidorm. Over the years they have transformed this from a simple park to a massive theme park, with hotels, perfect for a family holiday.

Partida del Moralet, s/n, 03502 Benidorm, Alicante


Water parks

Now on to water parks.

Aquopolis in Torrevieja. This water park is open june to august. It has water slides, swimming pools and places to eat and relax. Great for everyone!

Av. DelfinaViudes, s/n, 03183 Torrevieja, Alicante

Aqua Park in Rojales, not to far from Torrevieja itself. It is also a water park, with swimming pools, kids areas and slides.

Calle Nte, s/n, 03170 Rojales, Alicante

Aqualandia. Aqualandia is a water park, much bigger than the ones listed above, can be found in Benidorm. 

Sierra Helada, s/n, 03503 Benidorm, Alicante



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