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Parks in Pinoso

Author Sarah On Fri 31 Jan 20


Everybody loves a good park. Pinoso offers some beautiful ones, not only do they have a playground for the kids, they are in beautiful locations for even adults to enjoy.

Names of the parks in Pinoso

Parque La Vinya. 

Jardin Municipal de Pinoso. 

park in pinoso

Parque de Santa Catalina. 

Plaza Virgen del Remedio.

Parque Dona Maxi. 

Glorieta Gabriel Miro.

Parque "Paco Fresco".

Placa Del Moli.

Parque Gravina.

Jardin Dalias.

Zonas ajardinadas en la calle Principe de Asturias.

Espacio Verde del Poligono Industrial "El Cabezo".

Zona Verde del Deposito (antigua cantera de arcillas).

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