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Author: El Last updated: Tue 15 Sep 04:17
How to decorate for Christmas on a budget

How to make Christmas home decorations without spending a lot of money

I know, it might sound crazy talking about Christmas already, but believe or not, it's not that far away! Some people like to decorate early so here are a few ideas of how to decorate your home without spending a fortune.

1. Use Christmas tree twigs and pine cones

In stark white, pine-cones, candles and branches of Christmas tree describe a really unique atmosphere that speaks of the word Christmas.

2. Use empty glass bottles and candles

It is that simple, empty glass bottles are super graphic on their own, they are also free.

Candles can be set on top, string lights or parts of a Christmas tree within.

3. Re-use paper to make ornaments

Paper is delicate and so is this season. Use up-cycled paper bags to gift your Christmas presents this year and gather up all newspapers to craft some new decorations to go along, you will be surprised by the sheer beauty of the possibilities brought forward by the DIY community.

4. Use old branches and cookies to make a tree

It is that simple and it is beautiful. This is a craft that one can realize with the little one, it can be an educative moment for you and the little one alike on creativity and resourcefulness.

5. Make great Christmas decorations out of twigs

Easy to do, inexpensive and highly rewardful.

6. Put natural items in a basket with fairy lights

Pine-cones, birchwood cut-outs and a garland made out of clay, all in a basket.

Between these delicate elements and their container, copper warm white string lights pulse, animating the scene beautifully.

7. Mark a candle

Take a marker, a sharpie and type the 24 days of December that precede Christmas, burn the number as the day pass and you will have one of the coolest, most cosiest calendars in the world.

8. Add items to transparent lightbulbs

Transparent plastic and glass bulbs can be found everywhere now thanks to the growth of the DIY community. One can easily take a bunch and animate them through greenery, they`ll look airy, vivid, alive, very much like a couple of spherical greenhouses, very stylish spherical pocket greenhouses.

9. Fairy lights wrapped around a star made out of twigs

Nothing simpler, nothing more beautiful, tailor a start with twigs and string and embrace it in warm light.