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Author: Sarah Last updated: Thu 10 Sep 10:48
Michelin star restaurants in Alicante and Valencia

Michelin Star Restaurants in Alicante/Valencia

With Spain being deservedly known around the world for its cuisine, you would expect there to be world-class restaurants here. Well, not only are the restaurants in Spain world class there are over 200 of them that have at least 1 Michelin Star.

Concentrating on Alicante and Valencia, which restaurants have earned this accolade and just which of them are worth you tracking down? After all, everyone has their tastes and preferences and we think that our selections will hit the right notes with just about everybody.

Let’s take a look at Alicante first, shall we?

Must See Michelin Star Restaurants in Alicante

 The cuisine of Alicante reminds diners of its proximity to the water. Being a port city, Alicante gets its fair share of the choicest seafood. The following are some of the best culinary experiences you’ll find this side of Spain.


La Finca – 1 star

 This rustic country restaurant, found in the town of Elche has a superb selection of wines and caviar. The wine available here is of the highest quality, while the chef prepares a very well presented regional menu. The fare is created using locally sourced ingredients. As is usual with Spanish restaurants of this calibre, La Finca provides 4-course meals that start with cheeses, caviar and end with the most delicious of desserts.

Quique Dacosta – 3 stars

 Quique Dacosta can be best described as being avant-garde, Mediterranean experience in that it revels in trying new ideas. Found in Denia, this restaurant prides itself on its selection of paired wines and the service is fit for a King… or Queen. The courses here can sometimes look more like exquisite works of art than food, and the chef of Quique Dacosta is known for creating a new experience called 'self-portraits'.


Monastrell – 1 star

 The owner of the Monastrell has succeeded in creating a rather unique seafood experience with the amazing Mediterranean and Spanish dishes. This restaurant makes excellent use of the larder that is the sea to create unpretentious, authentic dishes.


Must See Michelin Star Restaurants in Valencia

 Excellent wines, exceptional cuisine – this is how most people remember a visit to Valencia. The city knows how to attract everyone and anyone that is looking for great food and just happens to be in Spain. Valencia is also known as being the home of Paella; even the street chefs have put a Valencian twist into their offerings. For the very best though, here are our picks of the best Michelin Star restaurants in Valencia.


La Salita – 1 star

 Earning their first Michelin star in 2020,  chef Begoña Rodrigo says her restaurant is the kind of place where you don’t just eat, but also where you will enjoy yourself and have fun. An intense restaurant, it offers highly colourful dishes and a space that oozes personality and the passion of its chef.


Sents – 1 star

 Found in the town of Ontinyent, Sents was opened in 2010 by brothers Santiago and  Joaquín Prieto. The duo began Sents intending to create a restaurant where they would be able to indulge their gastronomic creativity. Having earned their first Michelin star, they are well known for their fusion dishes of Mediterranean and international inspiration.


Ricard Camarena – 2 stars

 Featuring an open kitchen and designer table, not to mention amazing food, Ricard Camarena offers a menu for each day of the week. Found right in the heart of Valencia, the restaurant's cuisine highlights modern themes of fresh and vibrant ingredients with a gorgeous presentation.

There are many restaurants in Valencia and Alicante worthy of recognition, but we hope our selection here motivates you to give your palette a good workout.