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President Puig will try to advance the vaccinations for the younger generation

The Generalitat Valenciana maintains the restrictions and recommends the use of the mask. President Puig asks young people to take responsibility and announces that he will try to advance their vaccinations.

Members of Monovar police are carrying out traffic controls

Members of our police are carrying out controls in collaboration with the General Directorate of Traffic, in its Special Campaign on the control of the rate of alcohol and presence of drugs in drivers. Two out of three road crimes are related to alcohol/drugs. Remember: driving is not a game, the only safe rate is 0.0. Thanks for sticking to the rules. Your safety is everyone's.

Prevent the Mozzies! Town hall advice

The Department of Health of the City of Pinoso offers some tips to prevent the proliferation of the tiger mosquito The best measure is to look for and eliminate breeding in small accumulations of water. Harmless, free and effective solution. Keep these simple tips in mind: Change the water of animal drinkers once a week. Cover or flip any container that collects water. Avoid dishes under the pots or make sure they are without water. Hermetically covers tanks or tanks where water accumulates. Renew the water from the vases at least once a week. Eliminate containers or spaces that can accumulate water and serve as nurseries. Keep your pool water properly treated Mosquito repellent lotions also work for the tiger mosquito. Cleans grids and gutters.

Obligatory use of Masks look to end

Obligatory use in Spain of masks outdoors will end on June 26, says Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez

No more Covid cases in Alicante Hospitol

We are pleased to announce that, at the moment, there are no longer patients with covid-19 in the ICU of the General Hospital of Alicante. The last patient is on the floor today, after more than 50 days in Intensive Care. Dahdah Belkacem, 56, has been full of energy, happy to be able to leave the ICU and very grateful to all the professionals who have taken care of him during this trance. We hope that this favourable situation can be maintained over time, thanks also to the efforts of citizens.

Monovar Remains free of Covid-19

Monóvar remains free of coronavirus, and there is no new contagion or more deaths related to the virus.

Heavy Rains damage 8 Million KGs of Grapes

Heavy rains damage up to eight million kilos of Bagged Vinalopó Grapes. https://cadenaser.com/emisora/2021/06/17/radio_elda/1623927647_986851.html?fbclid=IwAR2Sisec3rWACtabXskfImbQa975TaY9XRMgjUVw_1mR2Oghbn8gzjuQ_MA

According to the prediction centers consulted, in the Valencian Community the seasonal forecast for 2021 is that next summer will most likely be warmer than usual, with a high probability (50% -70%) or very high (>70%) that temperatures higher than usual will occur.

A lot of comments about the sky being hazy today here's why A lot of dust particles around over the next 72 hours. Let's hope it doesn't rain.

The Department of Health in Elda continues to reduce its incidence rate. In this last update it has gone from 25 to 21 with four more positives and 40 in the last 14 days without registering in addition, no more deceased. By population it should be noted that the cumulative incidence per 100,000 inhabitants in all of them has decreased. In Elda, it has gone from 32 to 28 with three more positives, 14 in the last 14 days. In Petrer, the incidence has fallen from 32 to 23 with one more positive, eight in the last 14 days while in Novelda the cumulative incidence has fallen to 12 without adding new positives but maintaining three in the last 14 days. The good news is that Monóvar and Sax are once again coronavirus-free cities after almost a month since they last registered no positive.