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Author: Sarah Last updated: Fri 03 Jul 04:27
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Albufera de Valencia - A great place to visit

Ever wondered where the Spanish-famous dish Paella was started? 

Here is your answer. 

The Albufera de Valencia is one of the most spectacular places to visit for its natural beauty!

Only located 10 km out of the City of Valencia, it boasts stunning natural beauty. It's nature in it's purest state. Great place for beautiful afternoons, tours on boats and somewhere to just disconnect.

It's been known to be described as an oasis, surrounded by forests and rice fields.

"Albufera de Valencia"


Boat tour and Paella

Get to know this natural park and try out its gastronomy. Enjoy a boat trip around the lake and try the gastronomy in one of the restaurants here, in El Palmar.

This tour includes:

Boat tour of about 45 minutes.


4 starters

The main is either Paella Valenciana, Arroz a banda, Paella Mixta, Arroz Negro, Fideua, Paella de Marisco o Paella de verduras.

Water, wine and drinks and a pudding to choose.

This tour costs roughly 22 euros per adult and 15 per child. Kids under 3 free with an adult.

Albufera bus turistico tour

A guided bus trip to the Albufera. This also includes a half-hour boat trip.

This tour cost roughly 19 euros per adult and 12 per child. Kids under 6 free with an adult.

Albufera Bus Turistico tour with a boat trip and paella menu on the lake

Enjoy a day on the lake. This trip also includes a bus trip to the Albufera.

This includes:

A 45-minute boat trip.

And lunch in the restaurant "La Sequiota", where you will have a choice of 2 starters, chicken or seafood paella for main, with water, beer or sangria.

This tour costs roughly 34 euros per adult and 25 per child. Kids under 6 free with an adult.

Hunting and fishing

Hunting is available here. It has 13.259 hectares of rice fields designated to this sport.

Fishing is also available here. But because of the high contamination of these waters, and an inadequate regulation, that stops the natural change of species with the sea, fishing here is all down to the "Lisa (mullet)". 

The two other species, "Anguilla" and "lubina", have been disappearing gradually.

"Casa del Pescador"


Mainly, the agriculture here is rice. The rice produced here is named "Redondo" or "Bombo".

"Rice field"

"El Palmar"

Go over to the little town of "El Palmar", and try out its typical dishes. Try the "all-i-pebre", "la llisa adobada" and enjoy a different way to understand food, enjoying and knowing its origin.

Have a walk around any of the 6 walks shown in the park. Discover all the water birds, the vegetation and live like a true fisherman.

"El Palmar"

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