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Author: Sarah Last updated: Thu 17 Sep 06:39
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Alicante surpasses Valencia for the first time in number of COVID infections in a day

Alicante surpasses Valencia for the first time in number of COVID infections in a day

The province registers 282 new cases, compared to 221 in the neighbouring demarcation, and two deaths by coronavirus - record in the capital with six outbreaks and a total of 21 infected - the Center for immigrant minors of Villena detects 56 positive among residents and professionals

The province surpassed Valencia yesterday for the first time in the number of infections recorded in a day. Alicante added 282 new infections of COVID-19, while in the province of Valencia 221 cases were detected, according to data provided by the Health Department.

In the last week the province has been cutting distances with Valencia, which went so far as to trigger the incidence of the virus and to double Alicante in infections on many occasions. In fact, the situation forced the autonomic authorities to take more restrictive measures in the capital of Turia and its metropolitan area, which remain in force, as well as the confinement of Benigànim and municipal restrictions in other localities with a high cumulative incidence rate of the virus.

In addition, two deaths were recorded in the province of Alicante. Nine across the community. The hospitals have 507 people admitted: 152 in the province of Alicante (two more), 29 of them in the ICU; 57 in the province of Castellón, with 7 patients in the ICU; and 298 in the province of Valencia, 32 of them in the ICU.

Health has accounted for eighteen elderly residences with positive cases of coronavirus.

The Alicante capital broke record with six outbreaks in a day, with 21 infected, of the nine detected in the province. The others occurred in Dénia, with seven cases that arrived infected from outside; Alfafar and Foios, with four cases each of social origin. A total of 45 outbreaks were recorded in the Valencian Community.

An outbreak of coronavirus detected at the Villena immigrant children's shelter currently affects 56 people. It is the second with the highest incidence of the four that have been recorded in the province since the outbreak began in July. It was precisely in the middle of that month that the first of the major summer outbreaks took place. The focus was located in a nightclub in Santa Pola and there were 24 positives and more than 400 customers subjected to the detection test of COVID-19.

August occurred with outbreaks of few cases but in early September a group of 19 young Basques were confined in Calp. They got infected while they spent their holidays in a house in this Alicante municipality. In the same month, 67 elderly and 13 workers tested positive for coronavirus in a senior residence in Pilar de la Horadada. All employees were asymptomatic and quarantined in their homes but an 87-year-old resident, with previous pathologies and various health complications, died in the hospital.

Well, the last major outbreak was this week in Villena and, as reported by the Department of Social Welfare, 41 minor residents-all asymptomatic except one - and 15 workers, of whom five have presented a mild symptomatology. While the children are isolated in their homes and monitored by primary care doctors, the children are confined on the first and second floors of the Villena foster home following a contingency plan to prevent them from going outside.

As indicated by the city council, the outbreak began with a positive last week activating immediately the protocol of prevention and security against the virus. A situation that has forced the company that manages this service supervised by the Generalitat Valenciana, the El Castillo group, to make new contracts by way of urgency to replace the 15 professionals-many of them monitors-who have given positive. In any case, it is not ruled out that the number of affected will increase today or tomorrow because, until yesterday afternoon, the results of twenty PCR tests still remained to be known.

Restrictive measures

In view of this situation, Villena City Council issued a City Council resolution that decrees the adoption of new preventive measures. They will be in force until 5 October and are additional to those already established by the health authorities. With the Mayor Fulgencio Cerdán aims to limit the use, schedule and capacity of municipal public facilities and services to prevent the expansion of coronavirus in the city.

"We must be calm, think each of us what we can do for others and not the other way around, and in this way start complying with the basic hygiene and safety standards that have been transmitted from Public Health", said yesterday the first mayor.

The mayoral decree includes the closure of schools after the end of classes without other alternative uses as well as the limitation of the capacity of 75% both in the market and in the market of abastos. It also reduces the occupancy limit of the Miguel Hernández municipal library by 60%, and by 50% in the case of the study room on tercia street. In cultural facilities such as the Chapi Theatre and the Casa de Cultura, its capacity is also set at 50%. At the same time, the suspension of the activity of sports schools is confirmed.

The resolution of Fulgencio Cerdán also recalls that it is necessary to limit social and family meetings to those of stable coexistence, and that meetings in any case do not exceed ten people. "This situation forces us not to go down on guard, to make new efforts and to extreme personal and collective security measures. We must think about our own health, that of others and the need to reverse this situation, so that social and economic activity returns to normal as soon as possible, " said the mayor of Villena

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