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Author: Visitodo Last updated: Tue 30 Mar 01:35
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Best places for rafting - where to go

Best places to go rafting near Pinoso

Rafting is a fun sport, although Pinoso itself doesn't offer any locations itself, there are a few not too far away. Here is a list of rafting places near Pinoso.

For those who aren't too sure what exactly rafting consists of, here is a short description:

Rafting and white water rafting are recreational outdoor activities which use an inflatable raft to navigate a river or other body of water. This is often done on whitewater or different degrees of rough water.

Rafting Blanca

Rafting on the river Segura is an adventure activity that consists of sailing the river on a rafting (boat) for a predefined route of about 13 km.

The estimated duration of the activity is 3 hours (+1 hour to equip us and receive the corresponding explanations from the monitors)

The fun is guaranteed, is a refreshing activity perfect to perform in a group of friends or family


Rafting Rio Cabriel

In this section, you will find the activity Estrella del río Cabriel: rafting in Valencia. We are in Venta Del Moro, the closest village to Cabriel rafting in the heart of the Natural Park, on the border with Albacete and Basin.

We offer all the possibilities to enjoy this aquatic activity, suitable for both children and adults. Dare to live an unforgettable adventure enjoying outdoor tourism in Venta Del Moro, the closest rafting to Valencia (Valencian Community) and Madrid.

It is an ideal plan to spend the day with family, friends or co-workers, the Cabriel is one of the cleanest rivers in Europe and we are lucky to have it in Valencia.


Activity duration: 2H in the water + 1H to equip us and receive the theoretical explanation of the monitors.

Material provided by the company: neoprene suits, life jackets, helmet, canoes, shovels.

Material to be brought by the customer: wet sneakers and other spare shoes, bathing suit, towel, sunscreen.

Distance from Valencia:

* From Valencia to Venta Del Moro 98 km 1 hour

* From Venta Del Moro to Tamayo (boarding point): 19 Km. (20 to 25 minutes)

Rafting is the most popular activity among Whitewater sports. It consists of a descent on the river Cabriel using a pneumatic raft with capacity for 8 passengers + the accompanying guide. The stability of the boat makes it possible to descend sections of the river of some difficulty without having any experience or previous knowledge, besides the physical form is not important either. All this makes rafting a totally safe and fun activity.

Note: rafting activity will be available as long as water leaks permit

Rafting Rio Mijares

Approach the river Mijares in its passage through Montanejos, it is the only river of Grade III with true whitewater in the whole Valencian Community to make the true whitewater.

Rafting in MONTANEJOS (CASTELLÓN) not only you will find the only river of Grade III that allows you to perform all our Whitewater activities. You will find a true oasis of natural beauty in a thermal Villa whose waters emanate at 25ºC throughout the year.

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