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Author: Sarah Last updated: Sat 30 Jan 12:40
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Booking holidays during a pandemic

Booking a  holiday during the pandemic? What to keep in mind.

It has been a crazy year for everyone. Fearing a new virus that has appeared in the world and living with tight restrictions. Everyone wants a break from It and for it to go away.

It looks like for some airlines that booking sales have taken a massive rise recently… But is it really a time to start booking holidays with the pandemic still around? Are people just living in high hope that it will all disappear soon?

As it currently stands, many borders around the world are closed, so right now and until further notice, no on will be able to go anywhere far.

Let us face it, it is a good time to book a nice holiday away for when summer arrives, but it is a massive risk… Due to COVID-19, there are chances that your plans will be cancelled last minute.


If you are thinking of booking a holiday, here are some things to keep in mind.

There are some recommendations if you would like to investigate booking a holiday for this year:

Book a package holiday instead of flights and hotels separately. It is a better way to be safe with your money. If your holiday is cancelled, these types of companies will refund you, or just change the dates.

Buy travel insurance as soon as you book. It is essential you take out travel insurance as soon as you book your holiday, rather than when you travel, as you will be covered if illness or disruption happens before you travel. Look for policies that include cover for coronavirus-related disruption, such as cancelled and delayed flights or the need to self-isolate for a period.

Pick a provider that will refund you.

Use a local travel agent to book.

Look for flexible holiday bookings.

Book a hotel with free cancellations.

Book with a credit card. You will get more financial protection if you pay for your holiday, flight, or hotel with a credit card.


What they recommend you NOT to do:

Pay a deposit… If you can avoid it. Book with a travel company that is offering zero or low deposits and you will reduce your loss if you decide to cancel before the balance is due.

Book online with travel agents. Some online travel agents have refused to refund holidays to destinations that the Foreign Office says are not safe to visit.


A lot of over-50’s booking flights.

A lot of the elderly people have started booking more and more flight due to the role out of vaccinations around the world. The media calls this “vaccine confidence”. Many have had the first jab. They know in 12 weeks they will get a second jab. It gives them certainty that they can enjoy and look forward to their 2021 holiday. It is something to look forward to, to being with people, with friends, like minded and from the same generation.


So if you are interested in booking a lovely holiday, keep these things in mind and everything should be ok. Just remember the risks and don’t stress if things don’t work out, there will always be another time.






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