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Author: Sarah Last updated: Tue 30 Mar 10:58
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Caravaca de la Cruz - What to do

Best Things To See and Do in Caravaca de la Cruz, Spain

 Have you ever visited a new place, and just thought ‘wow’? For many visitors, that is exactly what happens at Caravaca de la Cruz.

While the city may not be quite as popular as others in Spain, you should not let that fool you. Caravaca de la Cruz is a smaller destination, but it is absolutely stunning and well worth a visit if you are in Spain or looking for somewhere to stay while you holiday.

You may well be very pleasantly surprised by the number of things that are available to see and do, especially given the relatively small size. You should definitely set aside a few hours of exploration time here while maybe visiting Alicante or Murcia.

We have put together a few of the best things to see and do in Caravaca de la Cruz, and we have the feeling that you may want to bookmark this page for your future travel plans.


The Wine Horses Festival

 There are bus trips to Caravaca, from several nearby towns, for the Wine Horses festival and the celebration of the Vera Cruz – True Cross. Not many know this, but Caravaca de la Cruz is the 5th the holiest place in the Christian world and it celebrates the Wine Horses festival every 7 years, with the next being in 2024.

What is the Wine Horses festival? The festival is a celebration of Christianity, as a whole, overcoming evil and it has been celebrated here for hundreds of years. Tickets are available for main events, such as the horse race to the castle.

And speaking of the castle…


Castillo de Caravaca de la Cruz

 It is not known precisely when the castle of Caravaca de la Cruz was built, but historians believe that there was a Muslim castle here originally, sometime in the 12th century. The original castle was a part of the Taifa of Murcia which was an independent Muslim principality. In the year 1243, the castle was conquered by the Castilians – under King Alfonso X of Castile, who then gave it to  Berenguer - 5th Baron of Entenca.

Later on, the castle came under the control of the Knights Templar. The Knights established a bailiwick, whose area of interest also included Bullas and Cehegín. After successfully defending the region against the Emirate of Granada, the castle went back under the control and influence of the Royals in 1312. A while later, in 1344, it was handed to the Order of Santiago.

There are many other noteworthy elements of Caravaca de la Cruz, including the church of Caravaca, missionary and of course the True Cross. Seeing really is believing, and outside of festival dates there are very tourists here which, in our opinion, just makes the town even more attractive and welcoming.

Of course, the festivals should also be experienced if you can and they are worth the trip on their own. The rich history and stunning architecture are just amazing.

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