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Author: Sarah Last updated: Fri 02 Jul 12:28
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El Berro Camping (Sierra Espuna)

El Berro Camping (Sierra Espuna)

El Berro is a village located in the foothills of Sierra Espuña. It is situated 14 kilometers northwest of Alhama de Murcia and about 47 Kilometres from the central city of Murcia. Although around 200 people inhibit El Berro, its population swells during the summer season due to its importance for rural tourism in the area.

Although we can not call El Berro quaint an enchanting mountainside village, it is located in a beautiful place. Therefore, it is naturally suited as a base for walking and exploring the beauty of Sierra Espuña.

It is also a popular place for lunch in the countryside, with various restaurants serving well-priced and flavorsome mountain cooking. It is also an ideal stop off after a morning in its pine forests and the mountains.

Sierra Espuna

Sierra Espuña has the most significant extensions of the forest of Murcia. Besides, it is one of the most emblematic areas of natural beauty. Moreover, its current verdure is a significant part of reforestation campaigns near the end of the 19th Century. These campaigns were carried out by Murcian philanthropist Ricardo Codorníu, known by the Tree Apostle's nickname.

Location of Siera Espuna

Sierra Espuña ( Totana, Alhama de Murcia,and Aledo) and Río Mula (Mula and Pliego) are the districts that border this area. Pliego and Mula nestle between the Ricote and Espuña ranges and are places steeped in culture and local tradition.

The area's scenery makes them a stopping place on inland routes in this region. The district is also renowned for its pottery manufacturing. In this regard, Totana is Spain's second most popular area for pottery production.

Top ten things you must-do during El Berro Camping

This area possesses an overstory taken as the biggest in the region and is also one of its most enchanting natural settings: Sierra Espuña Regional Park. Sierra Espuña is among one of the greenest and thickest areas in the southeast of Spain and a natural destination for nature enthusiasts.

Green Paths

If you are looking for some fresh air, consider visiting the Sierra Espuña Regional Park. You can enjoy any route for orienteering, and hiking activities are prevalent here. And if you come across a wild boar or an array -barbary sheep, you should keep in mind that they have the right of way over you.


Rock Climbing

Climbing shoes are expected in Sierra Espuña. At the Leyva Ravine, a magnificent limestone wall with a height of 200 meters is waiting for you. It has above one hundred climbing tracks; climbers of every level come here since this place is considered an essential climbing school due to the variety of the tracks, the quality of the stone, and the beautiful scenery. This will give you a rush of adrenaline.



Alhama is the best place to fly in Spain. The take-off runway is a mountain slope, and the landing runway is the surrounding multicolored field. There are tandem flights available, so you need not have any former experience; all you need is enthusiasm. Flying without any engine noise and enjoying the fresh air around you will leave you speechless. If you do it in the afternoon, you will never forget this memorable sunset.


Unique spots

The more you explore, the more spots you find to enjoy in Sierra Espuña, such as the Torre del Homenaje, the Castle, and Calle del Agua street, the Castle in Alhama de Murcia, El Berro. Indulge yourself and visit these enchanting places where time has not passed; take the opportunity to taste this area's excellent cuisine.


Art of Pottery

If you enjoy being at the most famous handicrafts and pottery centers in the Iberian Peninsula, you are at the right place. First, however, don't miss the opportunity to witness an exhibition at the various workshops of the Ollerías Quarter in Totana, where some of Spain's most crucial pottery craftsmanships used to be in the past.


Art and culture

Mula has the most important museum of Iberian culture in the world: El Cigarralejo. It houses 80 grave goods from a nearby Iberian necropolis and other ceramic pieces, sculptures, and weapons. Another emblem of this popularity is the Casa Pintada -Painted House-: a house-palace of 1770 called the Contemporary Art Interpretation Centre. It is among four venues in the world, together with the ones in New York, Valladolid, and Barcelona, exhibiting sculptures and paintings by Cristóbal Gabarrón, the famous artist from Mula.

 Archaeological routes

In La Bastida de Totana site, continental Europe's most powerful city during the Bronze Age -4,200 years ago- is waiting for you, as well as is a fortified square, comparable to Troy's second city. Of particular interest are the dwellings, graves, and ceramic objects found. A classical touch characterizes Los Villarico's old Roman villa in Mula.

Local festivals

Every year, at midnight on Holy Tuesday,  which is continued until 4 pm the following day. This is the Night of the Drums: anyone can participate in this celebration, as long as they bring a drum and wear a black tunic. Other festivities in the area are the Holy Week in Totana and Los Mayos in Alhama de Murcia.


Snow wells

Some of the most famous curiosities in Sierra Espuña Regional Park are the snow wells. These constructions have been used since the 16thC to keep snow and supply it to people in Alhama and the nearby areas. Now, they act as a witness for a way of ancient life. There are 25 snow wells among the summits of the Regional Park. You have to climb up about 1,400m to enjoy them—quite an experience.

La Santa

Inhabitants know Santa Eulalia Monastery in Totana as La Santa. It is one of the greatest treasures of the municipality. The Baroque altarpiece of the shrine, the Mudejar coffered ceiling, and the 17thC paintings are the factors that make this church a treasure within the region of the artistic heritage of Murcia. It is surrounded by extensive pine forests, vegetable gardens, and orchards; once you are here, you will understand the true nature of this remarkable place. We recommend you going to the Virgen Blanca Viewpoint, from which you will admire one of the most beautiful views in the area.



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