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Author: Sarah Last updated: Sat 30 Jan 12:19
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Electric suppliers in the Comunidad Valenciana

Electric suppliers in the Comunidad Valenciana.

One of the first things you investigate when moving, buying, or renting a property, is the water and electrics. So here is Spain, like many other countries, have various suppliers of electric. Here I will name a few and give you a brief explanation on some of the main ones in Spain.

Registering the electric is a simple and common process that all users must perform to have electricity in their home or local. This involves a certain cost and time and can be done by phone, online and in person.


How to register

Registering the electric is an easy and common procedure that every user must request to have electricity supply in their home or local. To do this, the customer must contact the electricity company with which he has decided to contract this supply and can do so by telephone or online, through the virtual office of the trader.


To contract the electric in a house, it is essential to have the relevant electrical installation. If you do not have it, you can request it from the distributor in your area or an installer company, they will give you a budget and once approved, they will perform the installation.


When registering the electric, there are two types of situations:

 The property has never been connected to the supply because it is a house or premises of new construction.

Registering electric in a new home entails a series of steps that the customer must follow together with the company to finally have this supply for the first time. They are:

Check if the House has an electrical connection: If the installation has not been made, you must contact the electric distributor in the area.

Request the electrical Bulletin: The document that contains all the information of the electrical installation of the house. It is made by an electrical installer and is necessary to carry out different procedures with the company.

Contact the seller: to request the electric discharge in your property or local.

Deliver requested documentation: the company will ask the owner for a series of documents necessary to register the electric.


Documentation required to register a new supply of electric:

Name, surname, and ID of the contract holder.

Universal supply point code (CUPS)

Electric potency.

Certificate of Electrical Installation.

Exact address of the house or premises.

Bank details.


Here are a few of electric suppliers based in the Comunidad Valenciana:


I-DE (Iberdrola):

i-DE manages and maintains 270,480 kilometres of power lines that extend through 10 autonomous communities and 25 provinces, covering an area of ??190,000 km 2.

In 2019, we distributed 93,516 GWh of electrical energy and reached one of our best historical data in supply quality. The TIEPI (average supply interruption time) has been 48.1 minutes confirming that the ordinary trend continues to be positive, regarding the improvement of the interruption time of the power supply to our customers, and confirms the reliability of the supply, as well as the rapid response to resolve incidents.



The 2020-2025 Business Plan maintains customer orientation as the focus. The proposals included in the business plan for the next regulatory period are intended to improve the customer experience, increase the services and functionalities offered, and facilitate agile, simple, and flexible communication, while offering an optimal supply quality. All this done in an efficient way, applying the best practices and available technologies.





E-Distribucion (Endesa):

We are a regulated activity company whose main objective is to bring electricity to your home or business. We take care of the maintenance of the electrical network, of the reading of your meter and of guaranteeing the quality of the service.

Now we have come to call ourselves e-distribution, we are still your distribution company, although with a new name.

We are passionately committed to leading the energy transition and in which digitization will be an essential lever to face new challenges. Thus, the development of smart grids will be essential to boost the electrification of demand that will require the decarbonization of the economy, to favour the integration of renewable energies, the development of self-consumption and the advancement of electric mobility.



EDP Energia:

EDP is a world leader in energy.

EDP is an international energy group, active in 14 countries, leader in value creation, innovation, and sustainability. It is part of the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes (world and STOXX) and is also a world leader in renewable energy.






Registering the light is tremendously simple, it will only cost you a few minutes. This type of supply is essential for any home or business premises. You will need to register the light whenever you are in one of the following cases:

You own a house where the light has never been contracted.

You are going to rent a house whose electricity supply has been disconnected before.

The ideal is that the person who is going to discharge the light is the one who contacts Alterna, since they require a series of data, both personal and the house itself, which will be easily supplied by the owner. In the same way, the signing of the consent contract is made much easier in this way. If what interests you is to register the gas, you should know that the reasons why you must request it are the same as those described in the case of light.

If for some reason this proves impossible, a person authorized by you may register your name. Contact us and tell us your case, we help you solve it in the simplest way, without complications.



So they you are, how to register for electric in the Comunidad Valenciana. You have a few choices to choose from and to compare and see which one works out best for you.






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