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Author: Sarah Last updated: Sun 07 Jun 07:09
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Villages in the Pinoso Community - Explore Pinoso

Ever wondered how big Pinoso is? Or how far it travels? A lot of people would be surprised at how large it is. The town itself isn’t that big, only having roughly 6.000 habitants. But it does go far. 

There are lots of little villages around that form part of this beautiful town. They all have their own little life in them, and they also have their fiestas! They are all set in the beautiful countryside, and most of them even have a little bar.

Let’s start with seeing what villages are here.


A beautiful little village just 5.5 km northeast from Pinoso. It has 207 habitants. It’s surrounded by the Cabezo salt mountain, Chirivell mountain and Tres Fuentes

It has a little park in the village and a lovely restaurant called Casa Eduardo with lots of good reviews. Somewhere to go to see and to eat. And a must place to go if you like to go for a nice bike ride or hike up the mountains. I’d recommend it!


It’s a very small village, 6.3km from the town, with only a count of 43 habitants!


Also, quite a small village, has 70 habitants and is 5.6km from town. But this one contains an English bar/restaurant called El Cortijo, that offers a range of English food, all day every day.

And you can also find Casa Enrique, a Spanish restaurant that offers food all day.


Situated about 8km northeast of Pinoso, it has 146 habitants. 

There is also a B&B called Casa Rural Ubeda.


Is a large village about 2km from Pinoso in the direction of Murcia. It has 221 habitants.

 It has a lovely garden centre just on the outskirts.


Small, with 27 habitants and is 4.4km from town.


It has 112 habitants and is 4.9km from town. This place contains a lovely bodega and a couple of nice restaurants. Just off from the main road. You can’t miss it!

You can also find a B&B here called Sunny Vista.

Casas Ibanez

This little village also has a little bar and playpark. It has 117 habitants and is just 3.7km from town, just this side of the border between the province of Alicante and the Region de Murcia.

So… overall there’s not much more to be said. Every one of these has their own thing. The restaurants in the countryside are worth having a visit to. If you’re in Pinoso or visiting, you should see them all. Every village has its little fiesta weekend, so that’s always something to listen out for or to find out! If you have time, have a drive and a browse around and see what you can find.

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