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Author: Sarah Last updated: Fri 03 Jul 03:57
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Fishing spots in the Comunidad Valenciana

Whether you do it for fun, for competition, or just a way to pass the time... Fishing is a sport that is practised in Spain.

There isn't a great deal of fishing around, but there are a few. Some more popular than others, but that depends on what you are after.

Remember to check with the local town hall about licences and permissions.

What fish can you find in the Comunidad Valenciana

You can find:

Mackerel, pomfrets, anchovies, goldfish, sea bass, pike, bream, Mabra, sole, monkfish, carp, cuttlefish, swordfish, Herrera and snapper.

Types of fishing

The first thing to know about the types of fishing in Valencia is the art of "Pesca con Carro Valenciano". This is considered the precursor of what is known today as surfcasting and, as we say, and as its name suggests, it is a typical technique of this province.

It is also common to find fishermen practising the activity of "Esparavel", which is a manual cast net, a very beneficial resource on the banks of rivers, where there is very little depth.

Most popular fishing spots in the Comunidad Valenciana

We'll start with Alicante:

Embalse de Beniarres

Located in the town of Beniarres, Alicante.

Aside from fishing here, you can also go out on a boat.

Embalse de La Pedrera

Located in Orihuela.

Santa Pola

Very known for fishing, this town offers lots of different locations. Apart from being a hobby, people here also do it professionally. It has a stretch of 15km of beach which is perfect for fishing.

Now onto Valencia:

Embalse de Benagéber

It's located on the river Turia, Valencia.

Embalse de Loriguilla

Also located on the river Turia, Valencia, between the towns of Chulilla and Loriguilla.

Embalse de Tous

Located in the town of Tous and Millares.

You are permitted to use boats here.

Embalse Cortes II

Located in the town of Cortes de Pallas.

Albufera de Valencia

It forms 4 places: Ribera Alta, Ribera Baja, Huerta Sur and the city of Valencia.

Check out Visitodo's article: https://www.visitodo.com/articles/view/97

Desembocadura del Turia

The end of the river Turia.

Embalse de Bellus

Located between the towns of Bellus and Beniganim.

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