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Author: Lee Last updated: Tue 30 Mar 01:21
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Hiking in the Alicante region

Hiking in the Alicante region of Spain

Alicante is well known for its sun, sand and castle tourism trade and it is, after all, the coast with the highest number of blue flags in all of Spain. What many do not realise though is that the province of Alicante is also one of the more mountainous regions of Spain. Why is that noteworthy? Well, it means hiking opportunities are abundant.

From the north to the south, Alicante is chock full of mountains that stand out for their beautiful landscapes. Small towns, Mediterranean forest, crops, beautiful plant life and simply stunning views of the sea are just some of the visual treats awaiting the avid hiker in Alicante.

There are trails to suit every kind of skill and taste, from the easy ones that the kids can join in with to the more physically demanding. One thing that they all have in common though is their shared beauty in both landscape and the paths themselves.

Faro de l’Albir – one of the best hiking trails in Alicante

There far too many hiking trails in Alicante to go into detail here, but it has been decided that there is one that we just cannot let go unmentioned. Besides, they all have their unique charm and the time of year doesn't matter either. The areas surrounding the trails, including the one that we have selected here, deserve to be explored in more detail – whether in company or alone.

So long as you enjoy yourself and take in the gorgeous scenery – don’t forget your camera – then it’s all good.

Faro de l’Albir is an easier level hike, nice and relaxing and is suitable for all the family. The route is a total distance of 2.5km, which is a little over 1.5 miles, and it will take you to one side of the Sierra Helada. For those that don't know, this is Albir's lighthouse. Along this hiking trail, you will be able to enjoy the amazing views that are offered by the bay of Altea with Sierra de Bernia providing an amazing backdrop.

This hiking trail begins at the Information Point of Albir. This point is rather easy to reach and with parking spaces, you can drive up and leave your vehicle there. It will take roughly an hour and a half for the 5km (3+ miles) roundtrip. There is no rush though, so take your time and enjoy the landscape.

After you have begun your walk along the trail, you will start to reach some viewpoints. There is one in particular on this trial that has an amazing view of the bay of Atea with Sierra de Bernia making up the background. There is another that has a view of the Peñón de Ifach, in Calpe. Toward the end of the hike, there is another viewpoint where you will be able to see the sea and the formidable cliffs and fossil dunes.

Alicante is an excellent place to visit no matter the time of year, with all of the walks available, there is no excuse to not come and see this beautiful province.

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