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Author: Sarah Last updated: Mon 08 Feb 11:38
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Moving to Spain from the UK after Brexit

  • Moving to Spain from the UK after Brexit

Moving to live in another country is a little more complicated than moving to a different city, there is more to than simply putting your belongings into the back of a van. Planning in advance is very important – for one thing, a lack of planning may well cause you issues when you get to your new country, and you may even be refused entry.

Perhaps the biggest consideration when planning your move to Spain, or another country, to be honest, is timing. Make sure that you have considered everything that you need to do, and consider them well in advance – long before you buy those flight tickets.

List everything, know your deadlines and have everything put in order. The list that we have here for you is designed to make things just that little easier for you.

  • Getting things started

One of the most important things, before anything else, is making sure that everyone's passports are valid. Visa application processes can take several months and your passport should have around 6  months, at least, of validity after the process is complete so check and be sure.

Find out as soon as you can whether you or anybody in your family require a visa, and have the applications complete and made as soon as you can.

  • Getting things ready to go

Make sure these are dealt with, as soon as you can – don’t leave anything until the last minute.

  • Get your tickets sorted ahead of time, don't wait until later and find there are no seats left – it will mess with your timings. Also, make any reservations that you need to.

  • Find out if you need an international driving license, and don’t forget the fact that it lasts just 12 months and they are not renewable – if it lapses, you have to apply again.

  • Ensure that you have any vaccinations that you might require, not forgetting your pets. Also be aware that your animals (no, not the kids) may need to be quarantined so check well in advance.

  • Sort out your travel and health insurance abroad – not forgetting your family

  • Are your pension contributions recognised where you are going? Check.

  • Have medical and dental check-ups, you and the family, and keep copies. Also, take with you any documents that your insurance what it covers.

  • If your home is rented, inform your landlord what is happening and don’t forget your required notice and remember to recover your deposits.

  • You are not likely taking much with you besides personal effects and clothes, sell everything else and you have some extra money for your new life in Spain.

  • Last, but not least

In the last week or so before you leave:

  • Be sure to cancel everything before you leave – electricity, gas, water, cable etc.

  • Member of any clubs? Not any more. Cancel those too.

  • Have your mail redirected through Royal Mail, at least for the first few months.

  • If you have any outstanding bills, pay them before you leave – you don’t want those coming back to bite you in the backside later.

We think that is quite the handy checklist. Hopefully, you will be able to put it to good use.

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