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Author: Visitodo Last updated: Tue 30 Mar 10:59
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New Masks law in the province of Alicante

The mask becomes mandatory in the province except in swimming pools, beaches and outside urban centres.

The Ministry approves new measures to stop outbreaks after accounting for twenty outbreaks in the Community.

The Minister of Public Health Ana Barceló has announced at a press conference this morning that the use of the mask is going to be mandatory throughout the Valencian Community for people over six years old, even if the safety distance of one and a half meters is maintained. Barceló explained that the profile of those infected has changed throughout the week and in recent days the number of infections in young people between 20 and 40 years of age has multiplied by four, mainly due to nightlife.

The mask will be mandatory in all areas except beaches, swimming pools and natural areas and for everyone except for children under 6 years of age or people with respiratory problems. Barceló clarifies that surgical and hygienic ones must be used and that those with respiratory valves are not allowed except for work reasons. Also, remember that from now on it will be mandatory to wear masks on the terraces when you are not consuming. The capacity of the terraces is maintained at 75% and the maximum occupancy will be 20 people per table. In nightlife, meanwhile, the capacity limitation remains at a third.

Barceló has quantified in 20 the number of outbreaks that have contact monitoring to be able to perimeter them as soon as possible, including the Gandia or Santa Pola outbreak. Regarding the first, the minister has ordered the closure of all nightlife in the city to curb the spread of the virus. Regarding the Santa Pola outbreak, he explained that an extensive study will be done to contact all those who were in a local nightclub on July 10, 11 and 12 where an outbreak that already affects five persons. In this sense, it has ensured that it will act in this way in similar circumstances."If we have to close the nightlife, it will be done. We have to make them safe spaces."

Barceló has asked not to forget everything we have been through, all the work that the health people have done in ICUs, in hospitals and not to forget all those who are no longer here. He recalled that there is still a long way to go until the vaccine is available and that is why he asks "everyone to be responsible".

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