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Author: Sarah Last updated: Sun 07 Jun 07:07
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Spain Post-Brexit - What Happens now? Coronavirus update.

Well now we all know Brexit was the 31st of January, I thought I'd write about the things us brits must keep in mind living here in Spain.

What to keep in mind being in Spain as brits

What we should do:

- Register as a resident

- Register for healthcare as a resident in Spain

- Exchange your UK driving licence for a Spanish one


If you are a resident in Spain before the implementation period ends on 31st December 2020, you will be able to stay.

If you come to Spain before the end of the implementation period, you will be able to register as a resident in Spain under the rules that apply, and you will have the right to residence in Spain protected for as long as you remain resident.

Passports & Travel

Make sure your passport is valid for travel before you book your travel. It should be valid the whole time of your trip.

The rules of travel will stay the same all of 2020.

Driving after Brexit

All rules will stay the same until 31st December 2020

Having a UK-registered vehicle to Spain

If you are a resident or spend longer than 6 months a year in Spain, you must register your vehicle.


Registering for healthcare as a resident.

State healthcare (S1)

If you live in Spain and receive a UK pension, ESA (Employment Support Allowance) or any other exportable benefit, you might be entitled to state healthcare paid for the UK.

You will need to apply for an S1 certificate.

European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

If you are entitled to an S1, you will also be entitled to apply for an EHIC.

If you are not entitled to an S1, but are registered for public healthcare in Spain, and want to travel out of Spain, you will need a TSE (Can be done online or at your nearest social security office)

You should also look into travel insurance that covers those things that the TSE or EHIC don't cover outside the EU.

If you are a resident in Spain, don't use your EHIC.

When you travel somewhere else in EU, your EHIC will cover:

- Medically necessary treatment

- EHIC is not a replacement for travel insurance

There will be no changes to your healthcare access before 31st December 2020. You can continue to use your EHIC.

If you move to Spain or live there in 2020, you will have life-long healthcare rights all the time you are a resident.

Working in Spain

If you are a resident in Spain, you have a right to work.

To apply for a job, you might need:

- UK criminal records certificate.

- Certificate from the Spanish sex offenders registry, to work with children.

- Spanish criminal records certificate.

- A record of your employment history in Spain (Vida Laboral) which you can easily get from the social security office. 

If you are a resident before the 31st of December, your right to work will not change after Brexit.

Money & Tax

As a resident in Spain, you must declare your incomes to the Spanish Authorities, no matter from what country it comes from.

If you are not a resident, you will only pay tax on income that came from Spain.

The UK has a double-taxation agreement with Spain to make sure that people do not pay tax on the same income in both countries.

National Insurance

Find out if you can still pay for National Insurance while abroad.

Money & tax after Brexit

The double-taxation agreement with Spain will not change.


You will need to speak to the UK government offices that deal with your benefits, pension & tax if you are moving or retiring abroad.

If you retire in Spain, you can claim:

- Your UK State Pension 

- Spanish & UK State Pension from the social security office if you have also worked in Spain.

- Pensions from working in other EU countries.

You might need to sort out a life certificate from the UK Pension Service.

Pensions after Brexit

Up to the 31st of December, you can still claim your usual pension.

If you become resident in this year, you will still be able to claim all your pensions after the 31st of December 2020.

Benefits after Brexit.

If you are living in the EU by 31st December 2020, you will continue.

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