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Author: Sarah Last updated: Mon 19 Apr 06:21
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Private medical insurance in the Pinoso & Monovar area

Private healthcare providers in the Pinoso-Monovar area

One of the things that moving to Spain includes, and I´m sure it's something most of us dread, is sorting out paperwork. Obviously getting the main ones are important, like NIE and TIE, but another thing that is especially important in life is our health. So, although when you become a resident in Spain, you are entitled to Spanish healthcare, before all this, you should investigate being covered by something just in case something happens to you or you need medical care, whether it´s just something general, or if you need something a bit more serious. If you don´t have any healthcare in Spain, and something happened to you, hospital and medical fees aren´t cheap in this country. So it´s a good thing to investigate private healthcare.


Please note, that most of these companies have online tests so you can work out roughly what insurance you need and what price.


And take note, that all these insurance companies also offer other insurance policies, and a lot of these can be done over the phone or via email. It is not always necessary to go to their office.

Here are some of the local insurances that cover private health care:


Mapfre is one of the leaders in insurance policies in the area. You will find there are quite a few offices around. There´s one in Pinoso and there is also one in Monovar.

When it comes to medical cover, what does Mapfre have to offer:

Designed for families. They can personalise your policy.

Worldwide reach. You will have medical care and access to hospitals anywhere in the world.

They care more for your health. We have amplified our basic coverages.

Have your medical insurance on your phone with an app. Make appointments, look for doctors and medical centres, manage authorizations related to your health…

Extensive numbers of programs. Also in preventative medicine and rehabilitation.

Discounts on additional covers. Obtain preventive genetic studies, aesthetic medicine, and consult the gene special at the best price.



Asisa is also another insurance company quite popular to the area. Not as many offices as Mapfre, but still quite a few around.

With Asisa, you will have all the medical coverage you need. You can choose your doctor o specialist, avoid queues and waiting, and count on hospital and home assistance and emergency assistance 24/7 365 days a year.

With Asisa medical insurance, everything is done so you can be calm, and when something happens to you, you will receive the best medical attention possible.

Asisa medical insurance is made so you can avoid queuing and waiting.


 Axa is another known local insurance provider in the area. Not that many offices around, although you can still go with them if they suit your needs.

At Axa, they are experts in health. And that is why they offer one of the best medical insurances out there. They offer more complete services: Life cover insurance, they cover medical bills when in a work-related accident or car-related accident, they have an extensive range of dentures, preventative programmes, like the latest medical innovations.

Because every person is different, AXA offers different types of medical insurance, that adapt to who you are and what your lifestyle is like… You will only pay for what you need.

Some services they offer: Appointments with the specialists, online medical care, etc.



DKV is another medical insurance provider in the area. The closest the office is Alicante, although, like other medical insurances, you do not always have to go to the office.

What DKV has to offer:

Experts in health and prevention. They will offer you everything you need for the best wellbeing.

They support the new digitalization of health. So it is a bit easier to look after you.

Committed to society and the planet. We contribute to it in a responsible way.

Foundation “DKV Integralia”. For the integration of people with functional diversity.

Less waiting lists, more doctors available for you.

We have over 40.000 staff available and over 1000 centres.

More coverages and fewer doubts.

More facilities and less paperwork.



Caser is the last one on our list… Caser is another popular medical insurance in the area.

They offer 2 main medical insurance covers:

1.       Without hospitalisation.

This includes Telemedicine, General medicine, Medical specialities, Diagnostic tests, Medical assistance abroad and dental coverage.

2.       With hospitalisation.

This includes Telemedicine, General medicine, Medical specialities, Diagnostic tests, Medical assistance abroad and dental coverage, Dental insurance, Hospitalisations, Hospital emergencies and operations.

They offer medical insurance to all different groups: For youngsters, for families, for seniors and for “autonomos”.


So there you have it, here are some of the private medical insurance companies you can find and get around this area. This is a brief explanation of what they offer. As everybody is different and everybody has different needs, it's best to contact them directly and explain what your situation is, and they will offer the insurance that suits you best.

And like we mentioned before, if you want to know roughly how much it would cost, most of these websites offer an online mini test to work out how much each policy would cost monthly or annually. So what are you waiting for?

And the good thing about most of these insurance companies, that if they do work out for you, you can use them for other insurance policies you may need, and you might even be able to get a discount bundle! Most of them cover car insurance, home insurance, life insurance… etc. It’s worth looking into.


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