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Author: Lee Last updated: Wed 31 Mar 10:38
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Scuba-Diving in Valencia and Alicante

Scuba Diving in Valencia

The only way to have the time of your life is to be adventurous and explore all the things life has to offer. So when you are in Valencia the least you can do is explore the Mediterranean sea - diving deeper where you let its tranquillity wash you over.

While you are in Valencia you may explore life above ground, but you are missing out on a great treat. An underwater experience that shows you a completely different side of the city - while offering you endless serenity and peace.

First Time Divers

The best way to ensure your scuba diving experience is fun and safe we suggest you get in touch with a professional. Valencia is home to many diving schools where you can easily find qualified instructors that can offer you lessons and the equipment you need.

Suitable Age for Divers

The recommended age of first-time drivers is 16+ as kids need time to mature their lungs and acclimation of their ears before they can dive deep into the sea. If you are travelling with kids we suggest you take them snorkelling instead of scuba diving.


Cost of Lessons & Gear

The cost of lessons and gear may vary from one school to the other. This is mainly due to a difference in the course and quality of gear. We suggest you rent the equipment rather than purchasing equipment of your own.


Preparing for Some Discomfort

It is common to feel slight discomfort in your ears after scuba diving. As you descend into the ocean the outside pressure increases - causing blocked ears commonly felt during the landing or take-off of an aeroplane. When you take on diving lessons your instructors will walk you through the process teaching you how to balance your internal and external pressure to minimize its impact.


Fear of Diving

Individuals who do not know how to swim are often too scared to take on scuba diving. Fortunately, you don't have to be a swimmer to enjoy a deep water dive. The equipment you carry will help support you through the process, while your training prepares you on how to get in and out without an issue.


Diving is not a scary experience, it is the fear of the unknown that keeps you at bay. This is why we suggest you get to know the Mediterranean sea life and understand that you are safe and protected. Once you get an idea of what's to come you can easily enjoy a fun filled diving experience.


Top Diving Schools in Valencia

While there are many diving schools in Valencia, we have listed down the top three choices for you to pick from. You can choose the one that is closest to you or the one that offers you exactly what you need.


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