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Author: Sarah Last updated: Fri 03 Jul 03:26
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Sierra Espuña - A mountain range that has it all

Perfect for someone who loves nature! Spain has so many mountain ranges to choose from. Most of them offer some incredible hikes, amazing camping, and rural houses.

Here are the mountain ranges closest to Pinoso with the most to offer.

Sierra Espuna

Although it's a bit further away from Pinoso, it offers lots of different things. We'll start with the interesting points to visit, and then what you can do up here.

Centro de Visitantes Ricardo Codorniu (Visitors Centre)

It is an old house situated right in the heart of Sierra Espuna, where the public can get information about this national park.

Huerta Espuna

Right next to the visitors centre. It's the place with the most history of this mountain range.

Pozos de la nieve

At the end of the 16th century, these were built to store ice and snow to be delivered to hospitals, cities and villages of Murcia.

Mirador del Collado Bermejo

This view spot offers the best panoramic views of the whole range, as it is located at 1.202m.

Mirador del Collado Mangueta

Beautiful views of the pozos de nieve, of Murcia and Cartagena.

Umbria de Mula

This is one of the most unknown parts of the mountain but is the most interesting, both ecologically and for the landscape.


Sierra Espuna is known for its mountain climbing. There are quite a few places where you can practise this sport. The nature of the rocks here lets you choose from harder tracks and easier ones.

You must get permission to do this.


Hunting is allowed on these grounds, but you must follow the rules.



Very small town, with only 1022 habitants.

The nature is stunning and has a beautiful castle which is definitely worth a visit. 


Located on the foot of Sierra Espuna, it has a total of 22.077 habitants.

This town offers a variety of natural locations: Valle del Guadalentin, with the river Guadalentin, and a few dry riverbeds.

It has 5 small villages:

El Berro, Gebas, El Canarico, Las Canadas y La Costera.


Has a total of 16883 habitants.

Rated one of the top 15 most beautiful places in the Murcia region.


A slightly smaller town, with a total of 3847 habitants.

Here you can find a collection of religious and civil monuments.

Very known for its sports: Mountain climbing, cycling and hiking.


Totana has a total of 32.008 habitants.

The highest economical sector here is agricultural, as it's known for growing pumpkins, peppers and grapes.

Also has religious and civil monuments.


Another small town, with only 2305 habitants.

Has a lot of interesting places to see: El Barranco, San Batholome Church, the rest of Librilla's castle, Sagrado Corazon park, "El Castellar" and its views, "Escalera de Los Moros", "La plaza de la Cruz" and "El Lavador"

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