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Author: Sarah Last updated: Thu 01 Oct 04:21
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Storm Alex coming to Spain

During this afternoon and throughout Friday, an Atlantic storm, named Alex, will rapidly deepen (explosive cyclogenesis) and it will be located next night in the northwest of France, encompassing the peninsula and the Balearic Islands within your radius of action. The effects of the storm will begin to be noticed in Galicia and area Cantabrian from this afternoon. This weather situation will lead to a sharp change weather characterized by widespread fall in temperatures, precipitation in
the whole peninsula and Balearic Islands, most abundant in the North, and, above all, very strong wind in
good part of the peninsula and Balearic and temporal maritime.

A relevant meteorological element will be the wind from the West or northwest, strong or very strong
in large areas of the peninsula and the Balearic islands, with fairly widespread upper ranges
at 80 km/h. in much of the peninsular interior the gusts can reach 100 km/h, except in areas of the Southwest and Northeast where the wind will not be so strong.

It is also important to highlight the sea storm planned for these days. It's very likely
that on the coasts of Galicia and Cantabrian the wind reaches strength 8 to 9 and that the height
6 to 8 meters; and that on the Mediterranean coasts the height of
the waves reach 4 to 5 meters.

The Alex storm will remain for several more days, at least until Monday, in the environment
of the English Channel but, as of Saturday, more weakened so that this episode
it will end on Saturday Day 3
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