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Author: Lee Last updated: Sun 25 Jul 02:19
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The City Of Segovia Spain

Churches & Cathedrals

There are many other attractions in the city, and it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Spain. Segovia also has numerous churches and cathedrals and includes one of the most impressive cathedrals in the world, the Cathedral of Segovia. It is not uncommon to find Segovian families taking part in traditional Roman food. The historic aqueduct of Segovia makes this town an attractive tourist destination.

Array of activities

If you are looking for an interesting family vacation, you should definitely plan to spend time in the City of Segovia. You will find great things to do in Segovia, as well as a vast array of activities and events that both adults and children can enjoy. The city boasts numerous sights to see, including the Roman aqueduct, a Gothic cathedral, the medieval and modern town hall, and the exquisite and outstanding Gothic cathedral, The Cathedral of Segovia.

Historical landmarks

The city of Segovia also has other historical landmarks that make it stand out. The Arenal Diversion, the Caraga hill, and the Spanish Steps are just a few of the tourist attractions that make Segovia an interesting and exciting place to visit.

The Arenal Diversion is a real draw because of the enormous collection of ancient coins, which you can view along with the fascinating underground river, Caspitum.

The twin churches

Among the most important monuments of Segovia that have a unique appearance are the two churches you can find. The Ovarian Church and the Santa Maria de Gracia are the older of these two churches, while the new Saint Peter's Cathedral is of exceptional universal value because of its design.

They built all the churches in Segovia during the thirteenth century, and the great majority of them are extremely ornate and beautiful.

Baroque Churches

The most popular and most significant architectural feature of the historic city of Segovia is the baroque churches. The Ovarian Church and the Santa Maria de Gracia are two examples of baroque churches. At the same time, the medieval and later medieval town hall, the General Inquisitor's Castle, and the Tribunal of San Juan are equally impressive and deserve an extra mention.

The Romanesque arches and columns that support the roofs of the churches clearly indicate that the Roman architectural style predominated in this region of Spain for many centuries. The medieval town hall of Segovia, which was constructed in the eleventh century, can be seen just north of the Gothic quarter of Madrid.

The Balloon Museum

The balloon museum is another excellent attraction within the City of Segovia. The museum contains more than one thousand balloons, representing a wide range of historical periods. The museum also contains valuable artifacts, including a complete set of the Segovian map, the Alhambra column, and the severed head of St. Barbara.

Other attractions within the historic city of Segovia include the Roman Theatre and the Circus Maximus, which is next to the theatre.

The fascinating aspect of visiting Segovia would have to be a balloon ride.

The balloon ride offers an excellent opportunity for those traveling all over Spain to see the impressive scenery and architecture in one fell swoop.

The holiday spot

In addition to viewing these beautiful sights, the passengers of the balloon will be treated to the unique Segovian tradition of wine tasting. If you have never had a balloon trip before, it would be a shame not to include this unique tradition amongst your holiday itinerary as it is a real treat for wine connoisseurs of all ages.

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