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Author: Lee Last updated: Tue 30 Mar 01:36
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The law on Quad Bikes in Spain

The law on quad bikes in Spain

The amazing scenery in the majority of the country, way of life and the climate in Spain all come together to make riding a quad bike an attractive idea. When you bring in the cost factor of owning a quad bike, it is quite easy to understand why there always seems to be many more of these vehicles on the road in Spain than anywhere else in Europe.

Laws surrounding these vehicles can be confusing though, and lots of people often find themselves on the wrong side of the law without realising it. This is why we have decided to address the issue, so you know where you stand should you be considering buying or renting a quad bike in Spain.

Age and licence type rules

Anyone with an AM licence can drive mopeds or quads of 50cc, which is nice, and the person needs to at least 15 years of age to hold this licence. Seems fairly straightforward but a theory test and a closed-circuit test also need to be taken, and passed, before the licence can be yours.

If you would like a ride with a little more beef, then the A1 licence may be more your style. You have to be at least 16 but you will be able to drive quads up to 125cc – of course, the mandatory tests still apply if you want the A1 licence. On the other hand, if you currently hold a car driving licence (category B), and you have held it for at least 3 years, then you are already cleared for the A1 as it is included.

As with the rest of the EU, Spain also has an A2 licence category. You need to have held an A1 for 2 years and you are a minimum of 18 OR a B licence for 3 (making you at least 21). For this licence, the two mandatory tests apply but also an open road test. Passing all three tests allows to drive 500cc quad bikes.

Hold a current UK licence?

If you currently hold UK licence then you have to con-validate it to a Spanish one. This will allow you to get the A2 licence after taking the relevant tests (closed circuit, theory and road tests.). After these, you will be able to ride quad bikes up to 500c.

Once you have the A2 for two years you can, if you like, sit another theory test then a road test. Upon completion of these tests, you will receive your A licence and you can ride anything that you like.

With quads, if the number plate is a regular black-on-white, you can ride quads of up to 550kg on a car licence.

These are the current rules as we understand them in the Alicante region of Spain. As the rules and regulations can differ from region to region, it is best to check with the local authority of your area or the area that you intend to ride in – just to be sure.

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