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Author: Visitodo Last updated: Tue 30 Mar 01:16
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The waterfalls of Letur - what they have to offer

The waterfall of Letur and other attractions

Whatever brings you to Letur, you are going to have a lot of wonderful memories made here. Found in Albacete, Letur is rich in traditions and with has important cultural and leisure activities on offer. There are a lot of popular fiestas and events in Letur, and Albacete and its province.

Letur in Albacete (Castille-La Mancha) has a relatively small population of 1,206 inhabitants. You can find it located in Spain, roughly 165 miles (or 266 km) south-east of Madrid, the nation’s capital.

There are 10 airports close by to Letur, 3 of which are larger airports so getting there is not an issue. The closest airport to Letur is Albacete-Los Llanos Airport, which is roughly a distance of 42 mi (or 68 km), North of Letur. Besides the airports, there are other travel options available of course making travel arrangements to the town easier.

Close by to Letur are several Unesco world heritage sites, the closest of which is the Renaissance Monumental Ensembles of Beda and Baeza, roughly 38 miles (61 km) to the south-west. Depending on your schedule, you want to also explore:

· Elche de la Sierra

· Ferez

· Socovos

· Molinicos

· Ayna

Letur is a beautiful part of the world and there are a lot of sites that you might want to take in. The waterfall, for instance, is something worthy of your time. The fall feeds several smaller ‘drops’, each one as beautiful as the one before it. The crystal clear waters make the perfect backdrop for the obligatory holiday snaps and selfies.

The waterfall really does need to be visited when you visit the town. There are not many ‘out of towners’ either, which should help make your visit that much more pleasant (nobody likes a jostling crowd).

Of course, one cannot mention Letur or Albacete without also mentioning the various fiestas and celebrations. The feast of Corpus Christi, over in Elche de la Sierra, for example, is something you won't want to miss. There is also the beating of the drums in Helin Tobarra and the holy week in Albacete.

Depending on your sensitivities, you may also want to experience the running of the bulls in Letur, although caution is strongly advised as this, understandably, can be dangerous for the unwary.

It is also worth mentioning that there is a healthy hunting industry in the province as a whole, with the main ‘target’ being partridge. The fishing here is also excellent, but we wouldn’t recommend trying this at the waterfall of Letur!

In short, this is an amazing place to visit and if you intend to stay awhile there are plenty of hotels nearby.

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