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Author: Sarah Last updated: Tue 22 Jun 02:25
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Things to do and see in Ibiza

Things to do and see in Ibiza



The Balearic Island in the Mediterranean Sea is a centre of culture, belonging to Spain. The third-largest (over 500 km in squares) and perhaps the most famous inhabited island of the archipelago is Ibiza. In winter, there are almost no tourists on the island and this is not surprising because the thermometers show about +12C but in the summer when the weather is sunny and stable +25C outside, the situation is radically opposite.

Starting from Easter week until the beginning of autumn, under the influx of tourists from all over the world, Ibiza resorts will never get bored. If you are interested in the events in Spain, you will find our article useful.


1. Ibiza for parties

Ibiza...The first thing that comes to mind when you hear this word is exclusive club music, dancing on the beach, and meeting new people. People fly to Ibiza, sail, travel from all over the world, so as not just relax but relax that way they are pleasantly tired. Known throughout the world for its clubs in Ibiza and San Antonio, this small patch of land seems to stop sleeping between June and September. The most interesting events in Spain are happening on this island. 

For young people, hotels and apartments are best suited, located five minutes from the capital of Ibiza, in the resorts of Talamanca and Playa d`en Bossa, as well as in the city of San Antonio. The latter is attractive for a variety of entertainment venues: clubs, restaurants, bars. Most of San Antonio`s guests are young Englishmen. This resort is also preferred by influential businessmen, show business, and sports stars, as evidenced by the number of luxury yachts they own, parked along the coast in San Antonio. 

Many lovers of partying on the famous dance floors of Island, greet the dawn by drowning in the cushions of the soft white sofas at the best restaurants or with friends at the nicest bar`s table. For other guests of the club part of the island, dancing to the music of fashionable DJs is smoothly replaced by relaxation on the white sand. For most vacationers, one party imperceptibly flows into another and never stops. 


2. Family-friendly resort

A relatively quiet family vacation is offered by the resorts of Portinach and Santa Eularia das Rio, and all the same San Antonio. True, it should be borne in mind that San Antonio is calm and serene only during the off-season club lull, in May – June, and September - October.


3. VIP Ibiza

The resort of San Miguel is famous for the most expensive vacation. It is popular for its bright landscapes and more beautiful palaces. After visiting the Port San Miguel, surrounded by picturesque hills and cliffs with the San Marco caves, in which smugglers once hid, tourists are left with incredibly vivid impressions. A stone labyrinth decorated with stalactites and stalagmites, in which a beautiful waterfall is hidden, is able to enchant even those who are indifferent to nature.


4. Ibiza sightseeing

The capital of the same name as the island is lost in the delightful pine forests of the island. On a hill above the port is the “old town”, the historical part of the centre of Ibiza, which is a valuable monument of medieval architecture. The ancient castle and the medieval Cathedral, the massive city gates, and the old houses of the nobility peacefully coexist with bars, and restaurants, clubs and trendy shops located on the new side of the nice capital of Ibiza.


5. Beautiful Beaches

In the south of the island, near the capital, there are gorgeous beaches. Talamanca Beach is ideal for family vacations; on its territory, tourists are offered various water attractions and a windsurfing school. Playa d'en Bossa is rightfully called the longest beach in Ibiza; this two-kilometre sandy paradise is literally strewn with bars and cafes. There are four excellent bars and restaurants on it. Figueretas is also a popular beach and one of the most fabulously beautiful places is the small Sa Caleta beach.

The east of the island is represented by the paradise beaches of El Figuerale, Cala Nova, Cala Martina and others. Popular beaches are also musical spaces with famous bars. In total, Ibiza has 56 unique beaches, each of which has its own history and characteristics. The beaches of Ibiza are recognized as some of the best in the entire Mediterranean.


7. Infrastructure

Ibiza has it all, not only in terms of events in Spain. The island offers tourists hotels of various categories (about 80 thousand hotel beds in total) in the resort towns, the best boutiques and shops are open, where you can find both super-stylish clothes for parties and the most fashionable records with music to remember an unforgettable trip. In addition, there are so-called hippie markets on the island, where you can buy a lot of souvenirs and interesting things. 

There are also two waterparks on the island: Aguamar in the Playa den Bossa area and Agualandia near the Talamanca beach. In the resorts of Portinach and San Miguel, there are diving schools, in such resorts, you can also find windsurfing schools. Going to Ibiza, do not forget that first of all you are flying to the club capital of the world, so get ready to have fun and dance until you drop on the coolest dance floors on the planet.



Ibiza is the most fun and entertaining place in Spain. For people who like to party until dawn, there are the biggest club events. For people of a more chill rest, you can find beautiful beaches, where you can tan in peace. All sorts of rushing activities are welcomed for people who like to have fun and sporty experience. This is a real paradise on earth with overall affordable prices. If you are deciding on visiting Ibiza, your whole trip will surely go down into the pile of the best memories in your life, you will not regret it.



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