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Author: Last updated: Thu 03 Jun 01:37
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Top ten things to do in Benidorm

Top ten things to do in Benidorm

Benidorm is situated on the Eastern coast of Spain, a part of the Valencia province. Its two famous beaches Poniente Beach and Levante Beach. These beaches are backed by rows of skyscrapers, palm-line promenades, and bars. It was a small fishing village back in the 1960s. But now, it is turned into a great tourist destination in the Mediterranean region.

If you are searching for the top things to include in your ever memorable tour to Benidorm, you have landed on the perfect page. 

Why choose Benidorm?

If you are thinking of the perfect holidays in lots of beaches, top-rated family attractions, great weather, and wild nightlife, then Benidorm needs to be top-ranked in your list. Next to the huge beaches of golden sand, the resort of Costa Blanca possesses an iconic sky-high row of apartment towers in the shape of two deep crescents.

There are a lot of activities that can spin your head. Mountain hikes, water sports, paintballing, golf, and go-karting are among the most favourite activities out there. To captivate the attraction of little ones, there are many heavyweight theme parks and spots of water attractions next to the resort. 

This city never fails in amusing its tourists. Benidorm has something to offer for people of every age.

1. Terra Mítica

It is one of the biggest theme parks in Spain. This reminds the ancient Mediterranean civilization from Egypt to Greece. It offers its visitors some high-octane rides, spills in zoned areas, and a lot of thrills as well. You can have lunch on roller coasters or simply in the pools. There is fun for everyone in everything.

Adventure lovers will love the Titánide. It is a super-fast (100km/ph) and an inverted roller coaster with loops and drops. If you plan to keep your feet on the terra firma, you can enjoy plenty of rides and shows.

2. Poniente Beach

Poniente Beach has an entirely different atmosphere. It is the more family-oriented spot in Benidorm. 

Poniente Beach has received huge investment in a couple of years. It has a network of boardwalks easily accessible to wheelchair users.
The surf is moderate at Poniente as with Levante, but the less assured swimmers should be careful about wading out in far water as the undercurrents can be strong enough.

3. Aqualandia

Shortly distant to Mundomar, one of the best and oldest water parks are situated. It is noticed to grow as in almost every season, some amusements and new rides are added.
There are some record-breaking things here, like Big Bang, and the tallest water slide of Europe is out there. A brand new Vertigo has the power to send the riders to the splash pool at 100 kph.

All these pools, slides, and jacuzzis get water piped from the Mediterranean after removing salt from the seawater.

The gigantic wave pool at Aqualandia has enough room for thousands of swimmers to swim simultaneously. It is, therefore, the best day out here for children who want more entertainment.

4. La Cruz de Benidorm

In 1961, it was a religious mission of carrying a wooden path from this highly rugged spur to the town to redeem this city from sins. After this wooden cross was built and it became a massive tourist attraction. After this, in 1975, it was replaced with a permanent monument when the previous one was blown away in a heavy storm.

This cross offers a hike of 45 minutes that is the best thing to do in the fringe seasons because the landscape is well exposed these days.

5. Nightlife and Dining

As a zealous tourist and food lover, many visitors from Northern Europe dines in the international resorts. There are Indian, Chinese, Thai, and Italian eateries and a Japanese sushi bar. 

Besides, there is a huge number of restaurants and tapas bars that serve seafood paella.
Among the biggest and the most famous bars are Discoteca Privilege and KM Discoteca.

6. Guadalest

If you have planned for the one-day trip, you should place this incredible place at the top of the list. It is a small town that was established in the early middle ages by the Moors.

 It is located at the height of 500 meters above sea level on a rim of a limestone cliff. It has a surprising interaction with the rocky landscape. For example, to reach the Moorish Castle of San José, you pass through an amazing tunnel carved from rocks.

7. The Levante Beach

The Levante Beach is most associated with Benidorm. This is an incredible arch of golden sand shielded with a long row of skyscrapers dappled with a dense forest of blue parasols.

If wandering in the enchanting sea gives you an appetite, you can turn to the North European-style pubs and restaurants at the base of tall apartments.

8. Mundomar

Managing the wildlife parks with demonstrations and shows is not an easy task, but Mundomar provides a huge enclosure of sea animals and birds. It is a pretty modern wildlife park. 

Children would surely love to watch the keepers and trainees appearing with sea lions and dolphins during a show. You can see penguins, otters, and a huge variety of birds and primates in the zoo of this park.

You should book your tickets first to experience special things like swimming with sea lions and meeting with dolphins.


9. Enjoy a round of golf

You are likely to feel your Mediterranean holidays incomplete without golf. You are in the best of luck as Costa Blanca offers 15 courses.

Eighteen holes help the serious players to test their skills and to learn the basics of the newbies.

10. Low Festival

In summer, there are many festivals in every resort and city. So, Benidorm manages the Low Festival, the short form of “Low Cost.” It starts at the end of month July. 
Like most other Spanish festivals, the first band takes the stage at sunset, and this enjoyable scene continues till late at night when it gets cooler.

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