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Author: Sarah Last updated: Fri 29 Jan 10:23
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What do you need to set up your home office?

Working from home is becoming routine for many people around the world. Whether this running your own business or because you are working away from a regular office space, there are a few basic things that you are going to need.

To start planning your new home office, let's take a look at some of the more important needs and requirements to make a great workspace in the home.


Choose the correct space

 If space in your home is at a premium, then you are going to have to be a little creative. If you are going to be spending a lot of time in your home office, as you would with a 9 to 5, then you might want a view and as much room as you can manage. Pick a space that is not often used, like a spare bedroom or dining area.

A space that is relatively well lit is going to be best, with as much natural lighting as possible – which means being seated at or near a window.


Think through what you will need

 Plan ahead before you start moving things around or buying anything, and stay within a planned budget.  You should begin with lighting and temperature and make sure there is a telephone handy – even if it is a work mobile as opposed to a landline.

Your work chair is going to be moving around somewhat too. If the floor is hard, rather than being carpeted then that is the preferred option – at least near the desk or work table. For lighting, try to have window coverings that allow you to control how much light comes through.


Choose your writing surface carefully

 Your desk, or table, is one of the most important considerations when it comes to the home office. From a custom, expensive desk to a door placed on top of two small file cabinets – your workspace needs to be large enough and the correct height for you to work at comfortably.

If space is limited, draw a rough plan and move things around until you have a suitable space planned out. To make the most of low space availability, install some shelves behind the desk or a set of drawers.


Make sure you sit in comfort while working

 Find or buy a chair that is the right height, preferably adjustable, comfortable and also provides support for your back and arms. If your desk is a little high for typing, have a slide-out keyboard tray installed to place it at the correct height for you. Make sure your computer mouse in a spot that is easy for you to use and be sure to have some cushioning for your wrists – lots of mousemats provide this.

If shopping online, include the word ‘ergonomic' in the search terms. Don't buy office furniture just because it looks good or because it is cheap. By planning, you will be able to work in comfort, and you just might enjoy it too.


Clear the clutter

 You do need everything close to hand, obviously, but you may be surprised at what you can live without. Getting rid of clutter reduces distractions and increases efficiency and productivity. Sort through your equipment and office supplies, and get rid of anything that you do not need.

If you are working with limited space, find somewhere else in the home for things that you need for work but use much less often – printer paper, for example. Very little paper is used in home offices these days, but for the occasions where you do need it put it somewhere else to free up room in the office.

Of course, all of this assumes that you have everything else: computer or laptop, internet connection, printer etc. By following this guide, you will soon have everything else together to create the ideal home office working environment.

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