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Author: Sarah Last updated: Mon 26 Oct 10:32
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What's the most popular gift for boys Christmas 2020?

Every year, there are predictions released based on what the top Christmas toys will be and more often than not, these will fly off the shelves long before the big day. 2020 is an especially big year because of the consoles being released by Xbox, PlayStation and Atari (yes, really. There’s a new one coming).

Consoles aside though, if you want to make sure that your little guy has the top toy this year then it is worth preparing and keeping a sharp eye on which are expected to fly out of the shop doors. We have selected a couple of ‘boys’ toys that we expect to be massively popular this year, so keep an eye out for these in particular.


‘Baby Yoda’


Of course, this little guy is not Yoda but he is of the same species. The Child, as he is known in the TV series, force jumps from the TV screen and into your grabby hands with the animatronic plush toy from Hasbro. You have to admit, whether you are a Star Wars fan or not, there is no denying the fact that the little guy is just adorable.

The animatronic toy comes complete with over 25 sounds and combinations that will make any Mandalorian say "awwww". Being animatronic, there is some movement too with the head moving up and down, ears going back and forth and the eyes can open and close too.

The Child' (it's character name) will also attempt to channel the 'Force'; raising its arms as it closes its eyes and sighs as if tuning into the Force and wielding it. As well as the animatronic plush toy, there is also a Mandalorian pendant that either The Child or your child can wear. May the Force be with you!


Lego Super Mario Adventures – Starter Course


What kind of a Christmas would it be without the classic gift of Lego? For the love of all the throwback feels, the one and only Super Mario is charging back to the digital world and the physical, and he is more interactive than he has ever been before. You have probably never played with Lego like this before.

The Lego Super Mario Adventures Starter Course features the world’s favourite plumber, and others, with LCD screens for eyes and over 100 unique reactions to movements, Mario is helped to come to life beautifully. Guaranteed hours of non-stop fun and the pack can be expanded upon too.

Christmas 2020 here we come!

 With so many different things to choose from, and from many fan favourite franchises and series, choosing the right surprise gift for your little man is not always easy. When it came to choosing our two top picks, that wasn’t easy either, but with the massive popularity of Disney’s The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda, that plush animatronic was a no-brainer.

Mario has always been a perennial favourite, as has Lego, and with a range of Marion products hitting the shelves we think Lego Super Mario Adventures is a sure thing for a 2020 Christmas hit.

Whatever you go with, have a great Christmas!

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