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Author: Sarah Last updated: Mon 26 Oct 10:27
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What's the most popular gift for girls Christmas 2020?

It's almost that time of the year already, where does the time go?

You are also probably wondering what you should get your little girl, beyond what she may have already asked for? Unicorns aside, there are some 'must-have' gifts for girls that we predict are going to be hot favourites this year. What should you be keeping an eye out for?

Our young ladies tastes grow more sophisticated as they get older, so choosing something that reflects this, their individuality and budding personality is probably the better idea. There is also the option of securing that hot ticket item that they may not even realise yet that just have to have… But what is it?

Trends in this arena are difficult to predict because tastes fluctuate so much, but we can make educated guesses based on hype and media coverage. With that in mind, we have a couple of picks that we think are going to put scorch marks on the shelves.


L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G. Remix 4-in-1 Plane


More popular with girls than boys, on average, the L.O.L. Surprise Dolls have made a comeback (did they ever decline in popularity?) this season and they’ve done so in great fashion. This 4 in 1 playset comes fully equipped with 50 accessories, including 4 L.O.L. Dolls:


·         Lonestar

·         Kitty K

·         Pop B.B.

·         Honeylicious


The brightly coloured plane and included accessories remind of the days when toys were innocent and not quite so, well, odd (why do so many toys include pooping these days?). The playset 4-in-1 plane activates the imagination brilliantly and provides countless hours of fun.

Where does the 4-in-1 part come in to play? Well, the plane can transform into a car, mixing booth and a recording studio. Perfect!


VTech KidiZoom Studio


The Vtech KidiZoom Studio is perfect for that little diva in your life. The KidiZoom Studio has the power to inspire our little ones to get creative, both within the home recording their creations and out in the open recording the world around them.

Creativity is given a massive boost with both camera recording and stills modes, comes fully equipped with a green screen, a sturdy tripod and 20 animated backgrounds so the little miss in your life will have tonnes of fun creating and developing their very own universes.

Educational videos are a cinch, or movies of their very own Christmas unboxing for YouTube (maybe get them to open this one first, just in case!) the camera has lots of helpful functions and capabilities. The camera records in High Definition and the kid-friendly video editing is especially useful.

A flip-up lens is perfect for selfies, special effects (invisibility cloak, anyone?) and even 6 built-in games – there are hours of fun to be had in every sitting.


Christmas 2020 done right

 Whatever your little girl may be into, we are confident that these two gifts will go down an absolute storm. Get ahead of the pack and get these ordered, they are going to go fast. Merry Christmas.

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