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Author: Visitodo Last updated: Tue 30 Mar 10:59
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When and who have to wear facemasks


The rules are;

In your own car: The driver and passengers need not wear facemasks if registered as living within the same household. If anyone else is in the car, then facemasks MUST be worn at all times.

Motorcycles: The rider is exempt from wearing a facemask IF WEARING A FULL-FACE HELMET, but if carrying a pillion passenger who doesn’t live within his own household, he must also wear a facemask (applies to women as well - lol)

Your own home or your own private pool:: That is your own decision, but if you have guests, visitor’s etc – then it is advised you do wear facemasks, but otherwise facemasks need not be worn.

Children UNDER SIX (6) are excused wearing facemasks, but if you can make them understand, then perhaps it would be beneficial for them to do so ????

Communal or public pools: Facemasks are excused while swimming or sitting in your own group, but at all other times, the facemask must be worn

The Beach: When your sitting in your own space with the family unit, you do not need to wear a mask. Neither if your walking towards the sea (to swim) …… but otherwise, walking along the beach for whatever reason means the facemask needs to be worn at all times.

Public Transport: Facemasks are MANDATORY at all times. This includes taxi`s buses, trains, aeroplanes.

Walking the dog, ferret, cat, horse goat or rabbit, guinea-pig or chicken (or any other fowl):

Facemasks are MANDATORY at all times. Restaurants, Bars, Cafes: When you're sat at the table with friends/family, you do not have to wear a facemask, but if seated talking, perhaps consider putting it back on. (as a responsible adult! ). Walking around or visiting the toilets, means the facemask must be worn.

Entertainment: Yes, on stage should wear facemask’s if at all possible, but social-distancing is essential and it's very much up to the venue’s owners, as they will be the ones landed with sizeable fines if things go wrong.

Shops, streets, cinema, shopping malls, airports, train/bus stations: Facemasks are MANDATORY at all times.

Sports & exercise: You do not have to wear a facemask if exercising or playing sports: This includes jogging, running, cycling …. But walking is NOT included (again, as a sensible adult, please wear a facemask if at all possible before & after) & if approached by police - please try and look like you’ve been exercising with Spain’s Olympic athletic squad for the past day or two

Gym`s: When actually using the equipment within the gym, a facemask need not be worn. But, when walking around in the common areas within the gym, a facemask must be worn (again, just sensible behaviour towards other people will be appreciated).

At Work: Facemasks while at work is MANDATORY at all times (including GARDENERS)

Plus, please remember > EVERYONE needs to carry PHOTO-ID at all times (this has been a law for decades) and this includes Spaniards, Residents & TOURISTS. It must be an acceptable photo ID, so the green residencia is not acceptable > so Passports, Driving Licence or TIE card.

There are a few exemptions

1) Children under 6 years of age.

2) Breathing illness or difficulty in breathing correctly.

3) Disabled or those dependant on the actions of others.

4) Running, or any Sports that involve physical activity that increases the breathing rate.

5) Force-Majeure (if something prevents the person from wearing a facemask because of a provable reason).

If you have a medical condition or illness that prevents you from wearing the facemask (numbers 2 & 3), you will need to carry medical proof and be willing to show this proof if required… 

.Basically, we all need to be SENSIBLE about this. It is for the combined good of everyone. The rules exist and if ignored you will likely receive a fine, STARTING AT €100 per person and rising steadily as you disagree with the police officer. Those willing to pay these charges will, of course, be much appreciated by all for paying extra towards Spain’s public services, but may well be shunned by most others who are willing to obey.

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