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Author: Sarah Last updated: Wed 14 Jul 03:12
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Where to buy and sell items or products online in Spain

Where to buy/sell items online in Spain

Selling items and offering services is now easier than ever, with the advances of technology and nearly all ages are using devices, selling items has never been easier! From selling personal products that you no longer need, or just selling new items and becoming your own shop, offering deliveries…

All of this is much easier to do now than ever, and more popular.


Here are some sites you can find locally in Spain that sell new/second-hand products of all types.

Amazon: One of the most popular sites around and globally to sell or buy new or used products of all types.

Here is the Spanish site: https://www.amazon.es/


eBay: Like Amazon, you can buy and sell your products, although here you can also bid.

Spanish site: https://www.ebay.es/


Banggood: Like the ones before, a site to buy products online. Not located in Spain, but they deliver with no issue.

Spanish site: https://www.banggood.com/


Wallapop: Known mostly for second-hand items, but still got plenty of new ones. A great and easy site to use to sell and buy products.

Spanish site: https://es.wallapop.com/


AliExpress: Another Spanish site for buying and selling products.

Spanish site: https://best.aliexpress.com


Wish: Wish is not a Spanish site, but nonetheless is popular in this country and delivers with no problem at all. This site is buying only.

Site: https://www.wish.com/


Mil Anuncios: As the name says, a thousand advertisements. It is a site that sells and buys second-hand products, quite like Wallapop.

Spanish site: https://www.milanuncios.com/


Cash reversible: Second-hand shop/website that sells and buys all types of items.

Spanish site: https://www.cashreversible.com/


There is not much more to say or explain about these sites, they are all different in their own ways, some have better deals, better offers, special days…

Take a minute to check them out and see for yourself which one works better for you for what your needs are.



They are the mains one, but let us focus on what is used locally to us:

Amazon    -    Wallapop    -   Mil Anuncios


Facebook Market - Facebook Business Pages


Also food-related:

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