How to get an NIE in Spain - And why you need it

How To Get an NIE in Spain

NIE is an abbreviation for Identification Number for Foreigners which translates to Número de Identidad de Extranjero. Commonly known identification number around the world the NIE is a way for you to determine your legal stay in Spain.


Think of it as your all-purpose identification and tax number when dealing with any legal matter in Spain. It is a legal requirement for everything from the official proctor to ownership in Spain. For instance, if you are looking to purchase a property, open a bank account, purchasing a car, or taking on any role a citizen is entitled to - then you need an NIE number. The number is a way for the government to keep track of your workings in their Country. The same way your identification or social security number is used to keep track of all your working and financial history.


Without an NIE the Spanish tax authorities are unable to process or assess your annual tax payments. Along with your IRPF and Patrimonio - that must be declared by Spanish locals and non-resident property owners. Making the NIE number essential when looking to build a legitimate business in Spain. One that allows you to work within the local laws, covering all your bases as you go.


Who Needs an NIE?

-     Any foreigner who becomes a resident in Spain requires an NIE number. It does not matter if the change is permanent or temporary, if you wish to stay in Spain for even 3 months you will need an NIE.

-    Any non-resident looking to purchase property in Spain requires an NIE number to process the payment and establish a holding in the country.

-    Anyone who wishes to work in Spain or start a business in Spain requires an NIE number to help the government keep a track of their workings.


How Do You Apply for an NIE Number?

Start by filling out the NIE application form and get it printed. The form can be taken from the NIE office, or you can find it on their website. However, you will need someone who is fluent in Spanish to help you translate the form, and make sure every piece of information is correct. To help make matters easier the NIE website offers the form in English and French language. Once your form is filled you can head over to the Oficina de Extranjeros when in Spain or the Spanish consulate in your country.


You will also need to pay the tax form before heading over to your NIE appointment. This form can be found online, it’s called tasa 790 012. The bank will stamp it to say it's paid and you must take this to your appointment.

You Must Bring:

?     The filled-out form

?     Copy of valid passport - all pages

?     Passport photo - at least two

?     Paid tax form, stamped by the bank

?     Appointment form, you get this when you make the appointment


Once you have filed the form you can ask the individual you are dealing with for more information regarding the process. So, you can get an idea of the process and how long it may take to get your NIE number.

Once the application for the NIE is done, you will either receive your NIE number form there and then or you will have to back to the same National Police station you applied at the next day.

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