Top 5 places to wine and dine in Elda, Spain

Top 5 Places to Eat in Elda Spain

Elda tucked away on the northwest side of the city of Alicante is a beautiful city of ancient origin. Originally called Idella the city was home to early Spanish settlers and is now a bustling community that has a great deal to offer. Carrying its Spanish heritage at heart the city has a great deal to offer, making sure you enjoy a truly Spanish experience when in Elda.


One thing you absolutely cannot miss when in Elda is food! And to make sure you take on some of the best eateries we have listed down the top five places to eat in Elda, Spain.


Magico Campico

A magical wonderland that takes you on the Mediterranean, European and Spanish cuisine journey. Bringing you a great deal to choose from, so you can get a taste of the finest produce and delicious flavours. Paired with a mind-blowing ambience that is hard to forget, that comes with an indoor and outdoor seating area. Focused on fresh produce the restaurant offers a range of vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options as well.

Braseria Navarro

When looking for something a little different yet exceptional in taste we suggest you head to Braseria Navarro. A Spanish steakhouse that specializes in barbecue. Bringing you flavours from the sea - wrapped up in Spanish species to highlight their natural taste. Offering you the perfect pairing the restaurant keeps it basic when it comes to ambience, focusing solely on the food they have to offer.


A hip and happening restaurant that offers you fresh catches from the Mediterranean sea. Along with Spanish and European cuisines that will blow you away. A sweet and charming ambience that goes well with fresh local produce and Spanish inspired cooking. Here you can enjoy a great time with friends, or grab a table in a corner with someone special. Creating cherishable memories as you indulge in some delicious delicacies.

Restaurante LaSirena

A Spanish desire that brings you fresh seafood prepared to match your zesty Spanish taste. The restaurant is known for its refined taste, delicious food, and complementing ambience. Set near top hot spots the restaurant brings you a chance to take on traditional, and contemporary Spanish dishes. Bringing you something from the olden days, while finishing off your meal with something a bit more modern. Paired with a drink of your choice simply makes the experience more worth your while.



Last but not least we bring you another Spanish restaurant that focuses on celebrating fresh Mediterranean seafood. Merging local produce with Mediterranean and Spanish flavours. That brings forward countless choices that match your taste buds. The restaurant offers a great range of gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian-friendly options. Making sure you can enjoy a delicious meal prepared keeping your requirements in mind.

It's best that you start from the top of this list and make your way down, if you have more time we suggest you explore the area and take on some recommendations from the locals or head back to the ones you loved the most! This way you can get a taste of Elda and carry it with you for years to come - while enjoying some delicious Spanish foods that enhance your overall experience. 

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