Top Five Things To Do And See In Barcelona


In Barcelona, there is something to entertain every age group. If you are a food lover, Barcelona has 20 Michelin stars. If you are a culture lover, the city has inexhaustible events and beautiful pieces of architecture. Also a world-class nightlife, clean urban beaches & great shopping malls.

 Let us explore the top things to do in Barcelona:



If you visit Barcelona, how is it possible to miss the Font Magica? It is the biggest ornamental fountain found in Barcelona, Spain. Back in 1929, it was built for an International.

Exhibition. It is much more than a simple fountain. This splendid fountain offers water acrobatics provides a striking music display, and lights present an eye-catching view as they generate over 50 hues and shades.


The Montjuïc Magic Fountain is among one of the most visited tourist destinations. Yet, this fountain always remains true to its name. When falling water drops and beautiful patterns of lights are synchronized with music, it looks like a breathtaking magic dance.


This fountain was considered a great success of the International Exhibition. This masterpiece was designed by an engineer named Carles Buigas. Later in 1992, it was restored of Barcelona Olympic Games to grab people of every age by its magics.


Besides, Montjuïc's Magic Fountain is selected for the "Piromusical" every year. "Piromusical" is a combo of laser show, music, and huge firework display that is a closing event of La Mercè. This fountain operates on the recycled water of Barcelona to save water.


Bogatell Beach is among one of the best and a designated Blue Flag Beach in Spain. It is set between Nova Icària and Mar Bella. It grabs the huge attention of visitors. Besides the tourists, locals also visit it because of its magnificence, ping-pong tables, tranquil shoreline, and volleyball courts. Areas with exercise equipment, table tennis, beach volleyball, basketball hoop, and beach football are some of the sites people pay attention to a lot.


There are tons of things to have fun with here. You can enjoy a kitesurfing lesson, take windsurfing and also kayak in the open sea. In addition, there are bicycle parking areas, beach information points, and a children's games area. Even Wi-Fi service is also available. This beach has something to offer for people of every age group.


Lifeguards, showers and restrooms are also available. Kiosks are seen selling ice cream and food. Suppose they can not satisfy your cravings, no worries. You can head to any of the restaurants of your choice nearby.



Park Güell is as whimsical as parks can be. This park was considered as the housing community commissioned by Eusebi Güell. But this project was folded because the land was incompatible with buildings. After this, Gaudi started modelling this park after gardens of England and directed to build natural elements instead of tearing the buildings down. This park has consisted of 12 palaces.

Park Güell covers an area of 42 acres. Numerous benches are spread throughout for the visitors. Visitors find this park a lovely place to spend a whole day in Barcelona. The beautiful architecture and its natural surroundings are extremely lovable. Most people suggest taking part in guided tours to get better knowledge about architecture in detail and the history of Park Güell.

Others recommend sparing some time to explore the trails of Park Güell. As the park is built on the hill, you have to climb steep inclines and unpaved paths. This is among one of the most visited spots in Barcelona and seldom is it not crowded. Barcelona Tourism board reveals that only 2.4 per cent of locals visit the Park Güell. The rest are international or national tourists.

This park is open the whole year, but the timing is changed according to the season. The ticket to the Park Güell costs 8 euros (approximately $9.50) at the park and 7 euros (roughly $8) online. Special discounts are available for seniors as well as children.


Barcelona Design Museum

Barcelona Design Museum is open since 2014, a research centre and premier museum for decorative art, design, and fashion. Barcelona had been home to numerous specialist museums since the 21st century is a city rich in decorative arts and history. However, in the early 2000s, the Museu Tèxtil I d'Indumentària, the Museu De Les Arts Decoratives, the Casa Bloc Apartment Museum, and the Cabinet of Graphic Arts have merged one institution; the Barcelona Design Museum.

The vision behind this new institution was to bring under one roof the diverse collections related to the world of design in Barcelona. At the same time, this centre was conceived not only as a museum but also as a laboratory. Its goals of further the understanding of the influence and role of design on society.

Over 10,000 objects are in the permanent collection of this museum. It contains both modern and historical artefacts. Some of these objects are dating as far back as the 4th century. Thus, they make a connection between the present and past of the city. In addition, they are playing a significant role in retracing the history of decorative arts and design in the region.


This museum harbours a documentation centre that offers access to a wide range of repertories of books, journals, magazines, and catalogues from the whole world. These included some of the most established literature from the graphic, fashion design, and industrial. Also, the historical documents were placed in the archives of the preexisting museums in Barcelona.



Barcelona's zoo was created in 1892. However, this is not just a zoo. It is an educational centre for children and a biodiversity park as well. This zoo is located in the heart of the city in the Parc de la Ciutadella. It is situated just at a stone's throw distance from the Born district.


Barcelona's zoo is considered one of the most beautiful sites in Spain. It has open fences and allows its visitors almost to touch the animals. This zoo houses about 300 different species of 2000 animals. Besides animals, it has plants of different botanical varieties. It has flowers and plants of 332 different types and 1300 tree species. To sum up, it is a journey rich in nature and fauna that the visitors make after visiting it.


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