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Author: Sarah Last updated: Fri 03 Jul 02:20
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How COVID-19 affects the world's climate

We all know that the world is going through some climate changes, there's flash flooding, incredible bushfires, heatwaves... But what is causing it to all?

There are so many theories out there and that is something to explore another day. 

Today, I'm going to discuss a bit about how the COVID-19 and climate have something in common.

How COVID-19 and climate change are linked

climate change

They are linked in ways you wouldn't even imagine.

So much travel has been cancelled around the world, cars have stopped moving, people are not travelling like they used to. Everything is coming to a standstill. Imagine all the vehicles and factories that have stopped, think about all the gases and pollution that isn't being released.

Just so you can understand the situation a bit more thoroughly, I have found a few articles I have summed up and put together.

"Restrictions on travelling, commuting and social gatherings are severely impacting several key economic sectors. Many flights are cancelled, and schools, restaurants and borders are closing. The term ‘lock-down’ captures the new reality in many European countries.

In this difficult period, the EEA (European Environment Agency) has been asked on many occasions about the impact of COVID-19 measures on the EU’s greenhouse gas emissions. One of the unintended outcomes of such abrupt socio-economic shocks may be extra reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. Other outcomes, such as temporary reductions in air pollution, have also been observed in some parts of China and Europe

In many reports, we have underlined the link between the economic performance of some sectors and environmental impacts. This current crisis is expected to have a strong effect on production and consumption patterns, such as reducing demand on mobility, including international aviation and daily commuting by private cars."

Why are we focusing so much on this virus, and not on climate change?

You would think that they are completely different subjects, but if you sit down and think about it for a minute, are they?

They both affect our health, they don't seem to have an answer for it, and no way to reverse it. Because the virus is now, nobody is thinking about anything else, which I agree is understandable.

But the virus might come to an end soon, which means the world goes back to moving, and climate change still stands there, getting worse. And then what do we do? Do we go back to focusing on that? And do what?

Makes you think.

So why aren’t we reacting as aggressively to climate change - another human-propelled global catastrophe that could harm human health and well-being for generations to come?

The earth can finally breathe...

The earth is breathing. It's relaxing. Half the world has stopped moving tracks on it and has stopped polluting. And what a difference it's made!

China, for one, is finally seeing the sky again.

If there’s something good to come from this worldwide pandemic, it might be the way Earth is given a chance to breathe a bit. Scientists have already seen how quickly the climate, and nature far and wide, is already revitalizing and recovering from human climate change damage.

And that is something that makes everybody sit down and realise what this world is going through.

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