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Author: Sarah Last updated: Fri 03 Jul 03:08
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How COVID-19 has changed the World

We have all realised that this pandemic is making so many changes to the planet as we know it, to the people and the businesses, but do we deep down know how it is affecting the world and how much it is changing the way we live and the way we see it?

You’ll be amazed at the changes it has caused.

What COVID-19 has done to the planet

The planet’s lungs can finally breathe.

All the trees have stopped being cut down and used for material.

Most parents are spending more time with their kids, something they never “found time for”. And we're getting to know our children, better than ever.

The rich always thought that money brought happiness, and they were stuck at home like the rest of us, following the same orders.

Stress shook our hearts, stress that no one expected.

And everybody raised their borders.

People stopped travelling. Stopped exploring. It has all stopped. No one is allowed in or out.

One day, out of nowhere, the world stopped, and suddenly the world began to breathe again, everybody realised the value of the small things in life.

Waters became more clearer, clearer than they ever have been.

Animals started to live in peace, with no one bothering them, shooting them, or capturing them. They were finally free.

Nature is so incredible that it was cleaning itself.

What has it caused to happen?

People that were distanced from each other finally realised how much they love each other.

And they stayed home. They stayed home to save the lives of the ones they loved. They did what the world has told them to do.

They read books.

And they listened to music.

They spoke to their loved ones. 

Families are joined again. Finding things to do together. Bonding. Something that real life always interferes with.

People applauded from their balconies to our true heroes, the heroes that are helping save lives every day.

Our minds were calmer as we don’t have to rush. Our mind was finally starting to relax and take things just like it should.

And when everything was about to blow, 5 continents became 1. We became a global community.

Being scared

Of course, we were scared. Everybody was.

We were scared, scared of the unknown, not knowing how long it’ll last, scared for the elderly and scared for the children.

What’s important

The things we never thought were important, the little things that come and go in all our lives, we have now figured out why they were important.

No one ever realised how calming a hug was, how nice it was to laugh with friends, how lovely a walk on the beach was…

We took all these for granted.

We are living something unique. The world had stopped, life had made it stop.

What comes out of this?

We were rich and we didn’t even realise it. Everything seemed easy to what it is now. And please keep that in mind when it is all over. Never take anything for granted, you never know when it can all change.

Live life to it's most, because what this has shown us, that it can change very quickly.

So, tell that person you love them, do that thing you’ve always wanted to do, just live life.

2020 is teaching us some amazing lessons.

Don’t forget that.

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