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Author: Sarah Last updated: Fri 03 Jul 03:31
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Discover Sierra del Carche

It is one of the most beautiful mountain ranges near Pinoso. When the snow comes it is transformed into a winter wonderland.

It has so many lovely hiking walks, houses to rent, perfect for spending some time away in nature.

It is technically part of Murcia, but is located right next to Pinoso, on the border between the two.

Sierra del Carche

The Sierra del Carche Regional Park is located in the northwest of the region.

The highest peak is 1372m.

Sierra del Carche offers some nice hiking tracks. For those who love a hike, or even cycling, this is the perfect place to come and explore. The climb to the top of La Madama is the best route. Always remember to wear appropriate clothing and protection while practising these sports. 

Always remember to have water, as the temperatures are very high most of the year.

El Cabezo de la Rosa

Up in this mountain range, you can find "El Cabezo de la Rosa", which are salt lakes, formed by fossils, magnesium crystals, oligists, salgema crystals and quartz.

 It was formed 200 million years ago.

Recommendations for the visitor

This is a protected area of a beautiful landscape and of great natural value, which they attempt to preserve for future generations. So during your visit, please keep all this in mind.

Use authorised roads and paths.

Only camp in allowed places and get permission if it's needed.

Respect all private property.

Do not disturb or harm any of the plants or animals.

Do not light any fires, unless you have authorisation to do so.

Use the containers for any rubbish.

For any emergencies, call 112.


Like most mountain ranges, there are a few towns here.


El Alberquilla

Casas del Puerto

La Rosa


Yes, you can camp here. You can choose from bringing your camping stuff, or you can rent out houses and cabins in this beautiful mountain range. 

Always check beforehand if you need permission and find out where it legal to do this.


You must follow the rules for this.

Like everywhere, this mountain has the same rules.

Coto de Caza Carche Olmo

Located between Sierra del Carche y Sierra de la Pila.

It has 600 hectares of hunting in a unique and majestic environment where the hunter can live his passion in the purest form.

They also have a poultry farm with more than 3.500 birds.

Additional features

Wooden house with independent barbecue

"Casa del Olmo" restaurant

Rural accommodation with 6 bedrooms plus bathrooms and 4 suites with bathrooms and fireplace

Clubhouse with 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen and living room

Rural house with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen and living room


"Jumilla International Circuit". Driving courses, track rental, etc...

4x4 routes

"Bodegas Valle del Carche". Wine tastings


Horse trips

Bike rides

Routes with buggies

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