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Author: Sarah Last updated: Mon 15 Feb 10:47
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Breaking bad habits

How to break bad habits?

Having some sort of bad habit is quite common to most people. It is just one of those things that happens. People tend to get bad habits due to stress, bad days, any sort of negativity, they turn to one. But the worse thing about a bad habit is… Its bad! Nearly everyone comes across these at least once in their life, sometimes they have out of personal choice. Everyone is entitled to do what they want.


But do you have a bad habit that you want to break but just cannot do it? Here are some tips on how to break it.


Identify your triggers.

Remember, triggers are the first step in developing a habit. Identifying the triggers behind your habitual behaviours is the first step in moving past them.

Spend a few days tracking your habit to see whether it follows any patterns.


Focus on why you want to change.

Take a few minutes to consider why you want to break the habit and any benefits you see resulting from the change. Listing these reasons may help you think of a few that had not occurred to you yet.


Practice mindfulness.

Practicing mindfulness is a great way to train the brain to be calmer and more understanding of the things around us and help us a get a grip on life and the things it throws at us.


Count on a Friend.

Counting on a friend is something that can benefit you a lot, for the support, motivation, and even someone to talk to about your success or even someone to talk to if you are struggling.


Replace the habit with another one.

Not all habits are bad, there are many good ones. Try and find a good one, even if its something small, to replace the bad one you are trying to break.


Leave yourself reminders.

Little reminders are a great way to remind you and motivate you to continue with your training of breaking that bad habit. Write yourself notes to remind you why you are doing this, how great the results will be…


Prepare for slipups.

Anything is life that takes a lot of energy and time isn’t always going to be easy and isn’t always going to be straightforward, so don’t be disappointed if you have a slipup. Its normal. Just do not give up on tyring to break the habit and continue.


Let go of the all-or-nothing mindset.

Life is not about all or nothing. Its about getting the best out of what we have and what we have been given.


Start small.

Do not throw yourself in the deep end! Breaking a habit is a challenge, so do not stress to start hard, take it step by step. Start with something minimal and work your way up.


Change your environment.

If your bad habit is related to anything in your environment… Get rid of it!

Visualise you breaking that habit.


Imagine yourself at the end of your challenge of breaking your habit and imagine how you would feel, how it would change your life… Just visualise your life without this bad habit in the way.


Practice self-care.

Look after yourself! Have some personal time, meditate, take care of yourself, hit a spa, go shopping with friends…. The little things that make you happy might make you realise that breaking a bad habit does not have to be a massive challenge.


Motivate yourself with rewards.

Give yourself rewards every time you hit a slight goal. Haven’t done your bad habit in a week? Give yourself a reward, that is a big step. And continue.


Give it time.

Things like this take a while, so do not pressure yourself to do it quick.


Know that you don’t have to do it alone.

Many people around you will support you, and there will be plenty of people out there trying to break that bad habit too.




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