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Author: Sarah Last updated: Tue 30 Mar 10:58
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Halloween - How Spain celebrates

Halloween, how does Spain celebrate it?

 Halloween in Spain is vastly different than the commercialised mess that is ‘celebrated’ in the US or UK. If you are fortunate enough to be in Spain (Barcelona in particular) for Halloween you are in for a treat. You probably have a few questions too such as:


·         Where should I go?

·         What should I do?

·         What happens during a Spanish Halloween?


Apart from the usual Halloween shenanigans like highly suggestive costumes (thank you, ladies), there are a lot of cultural events on offer too. These events are not just an eye-opening learning experience, but they are also an insane amount of fun. Oh, and in Spain, Halloween is a three-day event – with a nationally recognised 'day off' from work so you can recover from what is bound to be a blistering hangover. Seriously. Shall we start with Day 1? Lets.


October 31st, El Día de las Brujas


Day 1 kicks off with El Día de las Brujas – the Day of the Witches. This is probably the closest thing to Halloween that other countries will recognise and is associated with all things that go bump in the night, witches included of course. Lost souls, black magic and haunted history are all on display.

You find people all over Spain in costumes, bar hopping, raging out at themed parties in one of the many nightclubs or walking through the streets, beer in gnarled-costumed hands, taking it all in.

This is the night where you enjoy all of the usual Halloween debauchery and a time to let yourself enjoy the holiday before night the second.

November 1st, Día de Todos Los Santos


The festivities continue with  Día de Todos Los Santos – All Saint's Day. A traditional holiday that is observed across Spain, it is an opportunity to honour departed loved ones. People will gather together in cemeteries with their friends and family. Here they will light candles in remembrance and leave things such as flowers and wreaths on the graves of their loved ones.

If you are hungover from the Day of the Witches, you need not worry – all of this happens after the sun goes down, you will have plenty of time to sleep in and recover with a greasy breakfast.

A lot of the cemeteries where all of this takes place also have ‘tours’, classical music concerts and masses to take part in. If that doesn’t necessarily appeal then you can always dive into the parties that will also be raging all around.

On the other hand, if another night of partying doesn’t sound like a great idea then you could always enjoy La Castanyada – chestnut time – which is a traditional Catalan autumn tradition. Street vendors all around will be offering warm snack treats such as:


·         Castanyes – roasted chestnuts

·         Moniatos – sweet potatoes

·         Panellets – cakes

·         Moscatel – sweet wine


For something a little more immersive you can also take a ride to Sant Feliu Sassera, a Catalonian village. There is a two-day festival here every year on this day to remember the 23 women who were executed here by the Spanish Inquisition, after being suspected of witchcraft. Of course, though, this would mean potentially missing Day the 3rd.


November 2nd, Dia de Los Muertos


 Still in the party mood? The Halloween festivities culminate with Dia de Los Muertos – Day of the Dead. Traditionally a Mexican holiday, the Spanish recognise this with Ruta de Altares – Route of the Altars. This is relatively new here and consists of specially designed altars. These are erected in around 20 different bars, shops, restaurants and galleries and each feature a different theme.

You should also watch out for Pan de Muerto – bread of death. It isn't deadly, don't worry, it is a rather tasty treat of brioche bread that is seasoned with sesame, sugar and orange. It can only be found publicly during Dia de Los Muertos so grab some while you can.

Of course, the usual parties will still be going on too so be sure to pace yourself!

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