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Author: Lee Last updated: Tue 30 Mar 11:00
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History Of Sax Castle

History of Sax castle

When visiting the province of Alicante, if you have even a passing interest in either castles, history or even both, then you really cannot miss the magnificent castle of Sax. 

The castle sits a little north of Alicante city, just off the A31 road. Sax castle stands, as it always has and for a very long time, high above the city of Sax and it can be seen for miles around in all directions.

It is believed that the original castle was built during the reign of the Roman empire, but as is (or was) very common in the area at that time the Moors that developed it. The Moors developed and improved the castle of Sax in order to protect, and keep a hold of, the lands that they had already conquered in the area. The Moors, however, were eventually defeated in 1239.

The defeat of the Moors in 1239 came after the armies of the Crown of Aragon captured the castle. The two crowns of Castile and Aragon were fierce rivals in the race to claim dominion over the whole area. Castle Sax was eventually ceded to Castile, under the Treaty of Almizra, in 1244. Pretty much the only things that remain of the Sax castle today are the keep and the bastion tower.

The jewel of Alicante

Wherever you happen to visit in the province of Alicante, there is one thing that is set in stone – you will never be too far away from most romantic and epic of all buildings: a castle. The region that is Alicante has long been one of the most coveted locations in the whole of Spain.

When the Moors first conquered the region they ruled for 700 years, and in that time they transformed it into one of the more fertile and productive areas of the whole country. In the meantime, they also managed to hold onto it by fortifying it, developing castles like Sax, even as the northern kingdoms continued to threaten to take over.

Because the Moors held the region so successfully and for so long, any visit you make to any castle in Alicante is more than likely going to reveal to you that its origins lay with them being founded by Moors. Although, that being said, the Romans had a strong hand in the fortifications of many of the sites.

For those of you visiting the area that are romantically inclined, by far the best way to see Sax castle and the others around Alicante is to hire a car. There are lots of options when it comes to car hire companies around Alicante, making it even easier to visit Sax.

The entire region is just simply gorgeous, and after visiting Sax you may want to explore the region further – and why wouldn’t you? Enjoy your stay.

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