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Author: Last updated: Tue 29 Sep 10:38
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Pinoso must maintain preventive measures for 15 more days

Pinoso must maintain preventive measures for 15 more days

At the moment there are active 63 positive cases by Covid-19 and there are hospitalized 4 people, one in ICU.
Public Health has recommended the city of Pinoso to maintain the preventive and security measures that were adopted last Monday, September 14, for 15 more days. This demand was made this morning by Francisco Albertos, director of the Department of Public Health of Elda, in the meeting he held with the mayor of Pinoso, Lázaro Azorín, the mayor of Health, Mª José Moya and the mayor of security, César Perez, as well as responsible for the bodies and security forces.

The Director of Public Health confirmed that the coming weeks will be key for Pinoso and that the involvement of all will be necessary to try to curb the virus and avoid the confinement of the municipality.

Azorin has exposed the situation of Pinoso in recent months and how it has acted in function of the evolution of the pandemic,” it has tried to keep the citizenry informed at all times, we have followed the recommendations dictated by the Department of Health and Public Health at all times", said the mayor of Pinoso. Since the beginning of the Pandemic, there have been 12 appearances, regular meetings with Public Health and the Consellera, and in addition to taking action in the public administration, they have also offered advice and measures at the private level in the various commercial, industrial and social sectors.

Azorin has explained the evolution of the number of cases, in August, the municipality is not accounted positive cases, which began in the second half and have been increasing gradually up to mark a point of inflection on the 14th of September, when there were 40 positive cases by Covid-19, which was an increase of cases over 500% in just one week, whereupon, both Public Health as the Department of Health requested the application of preventive measures that were agreed between the government team and that were applied on the same day. The restrictive measures that are now to be maintained for an additional 15 days are intended to curb the spread of the virus and prevent containment.


Francisco Albertos has released the data of Pinoso, currently there are active 63 positive cases by Covid-19, in the Hospital there are hospitalized 4 people, one in ICU and has registered a deceased. He has also explained that of the 5 outbreaks that have been detected, the majority have been of a social nature, he has also mentioned that most of the cases are being mild or asymptomatic. According to these figures, for Albertos “the situation in Pinoso is a concern, it is important to continue with the measures and in the private sphere to maintain closed groups where you can control the transmission”, and added that “these measures are preventative and seek to not have to confine people”. Hence, they must continue for another 15 days, since even though the incidence has stabilized, the number of cases in the population is still very high. Maintaining these measures aims not to confine the municipality, a measure that could demand the Conselleria, but that according to the mayor of Pinoso “we must avoid in order to maintain the economy and normality of our municipality "and added “We do everything they ask us to favor the citizenship"” Albertos for his part also affirmed that “we do not want to confine, we must live with the virus, but be aware and adopt the measures” and added that the purpose is to continue with the activities, culture or education and that for this it is necessary to create safe spaces using as an example the schools, where all the protocols have been adopted to prevent the spread of the virus.


At this meeting, the political leaders wanted to have the presence of the municipal security forces and bodies so that they could participate in the need to maintain control and vigilance in the implementation of prevention and security measures so as not to worsen the situation. The head of the local police of Pinoso, Quintin Mohedano called for the collaboration of the Guardia Civil “to help us and support us in all that is necessary” and said that they will continue with the prevention and information to the citizenry in order to minimize the impact of the pandemic. Captain Antonio Garate, head of the company of the Civil Guard of Ibi, which encompasses the demarcation of Pinoso has committed to study the situation together with the local police and to send more agents to the municipality to control the situation and compliance with the measures “within our operational possibilities, we will try to strengthen with the closest patrols and the use of the command".

From the Department of health of Elda has also been emphasized to continue to influence surveillance in public spaces, shops, restaurants or agriculture, in the latter sector with a control of people who come daily to the field in groups to be able to contact all people in case of a positive. And they all agreed in the decision not to spread or give credit to fake news through social networks that are a source of alarm that can seriously harm the population.

For its part, the mayor of Health has again requested the possibility of knowing the data of positive people in the municipality by the local police and Civil Guard to track them that has been denied by the Department, alluding that the current regulations do not allow it.
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